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The luxurious Rolex watch is now also available as a Karl Lagerfeld edition

luxurious Rolex watch Karl Lagerfeld limited edition

In case you can’t get enough of Karl Lagerfeld despite all the fashion shows, photo shoots and Instagram posts, we have good news for you. The fashion designer gets his own luxurious Rolex watch. It was developed entirely according to his style. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss from the Bamford Watch Department includes Lagerfeld’s signature and profile on the dial. It is a limited edition.

The luxurious Reolex watch from Karl Lagerfeld

Wrist watch design-karl lagerfeld-rolex luxury edition band

the luxurious Rolex watch Oyster Perpetual Milgauss was first manufactured in 1956 as an anti-magnetic watch for power plant and laboratory workers. Since then, its popularity has increased among all Rolex lovers and is a classic among collectors and connoisseurs. the luxurious Rolex watch as a Karl-Lagerfeld-Edition in black matt. It has been available in stores since December 3rd. The price is 19,000 euros.

Lagerfeld’s profile on the dial

Rolex watches-for men-black band-wristwatch design limited edition karl lagerfeld

Rolex watch limited edition

karl lagerfeld autograph rolex oyster perpetual limited edition

The packaging design

Rolex watch design - Karl Lagerfeld - luxury edition - packaging design logo

Wrist watch design edition Karl-Lagerfeld for Rolex

Watch Karl-Lagerfeld Rolex-black band-wristwatch limited-edition

Design karl-lagerfeld rolex hand watch luxurious series

The chic wristwatch is a must this season