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Modern watches for women – styling tips for summer 2016

Modern watches -women-summer-2016-brand-watch-fashion-jewelry

Today, wristwatches are no longer just a practical piece of jewelry on which you can read the time. Next to time indicators are modern clocks has become a statement piece for fashion-conscious women and men who want to stand out from the crowd. As a main accessory, the wristwatch should have a relationship with the overall picture and not compete with the others. There is a saying that accessories give the outfit that ‘certain something’, which is the icing on the cake. We totally agree!

Modern watches for women – be trendy on time

Modern watches-women-summer-2016-accessories-jewelry-outfit

Although a delay of 15 minutes, noisy statistics, is still acceptable, wristwatches can unfortunately do nothing to prevent punctuality. In addition to the exact time, modern watches reveal attention to detail and a lot about the personality of the wearer. For different occasions and emotions, every woman decides on different pieces of jewelry and in addition to the selection of timeless models, various others are required. The classics include those with a simple design, metal case and leather or metal strap. Others made of plastic or in lively colors look youthful and appear more or less as a fashion accessory. Whether classically elegant, futuristic or sporty, from subtle to eye-catching – anyone who would like to purchase modern wristwatches will be on www.markenuhren-billiger.de find it. Our styling tips will also tell you how you can combine your favorite pieces according to the latest summer trends in 2016.

Modern watches as the main accessory for women

Modern watches -women-summer-2016-black-everyday

Many women choose bleak, neutral colors or black and don’t take the risk of experimenting with exciting combinations. Why do most outfits look neither exciting nor individual. The accessories are missing. Underline your good side with the main accessory that characterizes the outfit. The women’s hands are a symbol of femininity and it is worthwhile to focus on them with a chic wristwatch.

Combine modern watches with the outfit through color or stylistic similarities

Modern watches -women-summer-2016-blue-brown

All parts of the successful look should have a visible relationship to one another. That can be the color, the style or the material used. It is important to coordinate leather elements of clothing, such as belts, shoes or bags, and thus choose a watch with a leather strap in the same color or with a similar structure.

Modern watches with a valuable metal look – rose gold trend

Modern watches -women-summer-2016-casual-jeans

You can combine watch straps made of metal in a silver or gold look with jewelry made of the same material. Stick to the golden rule of ‘silver with gold is no-go’ and do not wear silver earrings with a gold-plated wristwatch. Recently, jewelers set a new trend with pieces of jewelry in rose gold or copper, which add a special romantic note to the overall look.

Modern watches – suitable for everyday use and special at the same time


The main accessory serves as a connecting element between the parts of the overall look, but can also be a little different to really come into its own. Shoes and bags in brown or black work wonderfully in combination with a Leo wristwatch. Skilfully implemented without exaggerating, the animal motifs and prints are suitable for everyday use, but also interesting details in evening outfits.

Modern watches – do not exaggerate with color


The color intensity of the entire outfit is particularly important for it to be successful. That doesn’t mean wearing red from head to toe. A red wristwatch, fingernails painted in red, red lipstick and perhaps a modern bag with an accent in the fire color make any monochrome, even boring clothing look exciting.

Summer trend 2016 – modern watches and bracelets in one 


The trend towards smaller watch cases, which women with narrower wrists prefer, is slowly gaining ground again. A special feature can be seen in the summer models, which look more like a decorative, decorative bracelet than a watch. The small dial looks more like an accent on braided leather and can be wonderfully implemented in a tasteful summer outfit.

Modern clocks with a relatively large case diameter


As before, women’s watches have relatively large cases, which is more typical for men’s models. Even so, these branded watches don’t look rough, thanks to artful details and accents. Small stones, rounded edges and chic bracelets reveal that the watch is worn on a woman’s hand. Nature and animal motifs on the dials of the otherwise simple models are very trendy.

Appear in summer with a modern ladies watch 


As a main accessory in which you invest more, it is conceivable to choose models that match your basic wardrobe and your individual style. The colored watch strap should be found in at least one other part so that the overall look is right. Don’t forget that details make the outfit distinctive.