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Devon men’s watch inspired by the Star Wars films

men's watch from devon star wars luxury darth vader mask

All watch and Star Wars fans watch out, because we are introducing you to a product that will please both groups of people equally. Are you already wondering what this watch design reminds you of? Well, she was inspired by the Star Wars films and Darth Vader in particular. Many small accents are reminiscent of the villain’s look. The housing of the Devon men’s watch Partly imitates the helmet, while the bracelet is made of the same material as his gloves. A practical stand, in turn, copies the TIE fighters from the film in its shape and design.

Devon men’s watch – the case

men's watch from devon black design inspiration star wars

But don’t let this design fool you into thinking that the Devon men’s watch is just a model for fans of the hit movie. On the contrary! It offers excellent functions and details that make you the perfect everyday companion. The watch is composed of 350 parts, including four time belts. These are there to announce the time. The glass of the men’s watch from Devon is not only scratch-resistant, but also designed to be bulletproof and there are also four micro-stepper motors under the case.

Devon men’s watch – four time belts

mens watch devon modern design gift cufflinks suit black

The men’s watch from Devon, based in Los Angeles, is available for $ 28,500, which a true Star Wars fan would definitely like to spend to get a model of this limited edition with only 500 pieces. When you buy the watch, you will also receive the TIE fighter-shaped cufflinks to complete and perfect the official look for the office. Additional photos showing the Devon men’s watch in detail, as well as a video, can be found below.

Black clock design

men's watch devon case glass scratch resistant bulletproof

Black men’s watch bracelet

mens watch devon limited bracelet leather darth vader gloves material

Watch stand in the TIE fighter look

men's watch from devon tie kaempfer staender wrist watch

Model of Devon.