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Transparent organic solar cells – the energy source of the future?

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See-through organic solar cells are the new trend – in the near future they can be mounted on windows, office buildings and even airplanes. The versatile application possibilities of the alternative energy source offer exciting alternatives for interior designers and architects.

Organic solar cells – completely transparent!

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Organic solar cells, which appear completely transparent – the project of the Institute for Photovoltaic Science ICFO offers an innovative solution for large cities. Thanks to the increased efficiency, the solar cells convert a larger percentage of the incoming solar radiation into energy. Complete buildings can be equipped with this new energy-efficient solar system. They can be integrated where conventional silicon-based solar cell panels cannot be installed – such as windows or glass facades. The efficiency of the transparent solar modules is lower compared to the thin-film silicon photovoltaic cells. In view of the large window fronts of the tall buildings in the metropolises, this alternative source of energy is definitely worthwhile. Interest in the new technology has increased even more thanks to the low production costs.

Transparent organic solar cells offer an exciting alternative for architects

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The transparent solar cells are not just a source of energy – they convert thermal radiation into energy, which can cool the interior in the summer months and prove to be particularly helpful. Not only buildings can be equipped with it – the transparent surface of the photovoltaic cells can supply cameras, cell phones and tablets with energy in the future. The researchers are currently in the process of testing the numerous new possibilities. Organic solar cells are a trendy alternative energy source for a reason – they can reduce electricity costs and protect the environment at the same time. The solar panels are more and more often installed on private houses.

The thermal radiation is converted into energy

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Low production costs are a great advantage of solar modules

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Transparent solar cells offer numerous application possibilities

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Transparent solar panels for the windows

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