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The Italian design doors by Lualdi Porte for modern living spaces

Italian design doors mirrored glass SUPER

Lualdi Porte is an Italian company that specializes in manufacturing modern design doors specialized. Through intensive research and constant development, Lualdi gained recognition and leadership in the manufacture of interior doors and bespoke furniture. Since 1960 the company has manufactured a range of high quality products that have been developed by renowned designers. These include Luigi Caccia Dominioni, company employee, Piero Lissoni, Eric Morvan, Robert Stern and others. Lualdi convinces not only with quality and aesthetics, but also with its daily commitment to environmental protection and the sustainable use of materials and resources.

Design doors for the modern home

KYOTO design door white alu lualdi porte

These design interior doors are not only visually appealing, they also have a number of properties. If you need style and sophistication for your home, check out these beautiful models. These doors can keep their shine for years. They are characterized by first-class workmanship, rounded edges and invisible frames. A multitude of materials and colors allow the door to adapt perfectly to any interior. Lualdi designers experiment with new shapes, technologies, processes and materials.

Elegant design doors from Italy

italian design doors gray high quality materials

Swing door with lateral pivot axis

inner door swing door on the side axis white COMPASS 55

almost invisible and simple

interior door modern white smooth italian design lualdi

Glass and shine

design doors italy modern lacquer BLUES Cortesi Design

elegant Italian design

design doors wood lualdi porte ALA Erik Morvan

glossy surfaces

modern doors design italy glass white RASOMURO 55RR

environmentally friendly and high quality materials

OUTLINE wooden interior door gray nuance italy

modern sliding door inside

modern interior door sliding door green matt

modern design doors italy lualdi porte wave black white

modern design doors glass green RASOMURO 55R

lualdi doors design italy modern inside white interior door modern white wood lualdi porte AVENUE Robert Stern

wooden door italian design interior door FILO 55

wooden interior door orange design L16 piero lissoni

wooden interior doors swing door wall pivot axis

wood inner door dark modern italian lualdi porte

sliding glass doors italian design SHOIN

design door outline glass white minimalistic

design door glass gray modern design RASOMURO 41

design doors lualdi porte high-gloss red OUTLINE Erik Morvan

design interior door italian modern LUIGI CACCIA DOMINIONI