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Swinging wooden entrance door for a modern house in Ecuador

Entrance door made of wood floating-stairs-garden-illuminated

The front door is the calling card of the apartment and its residents and makes the first impressions for the entire house. It should be inviting for guests and be protected against break-ins. In this article we introduce an elegant home in Ecuador that has a massive Entrance door made of wood disposes. The door has a stylish design and at the same time guarantees the security of the house.

The design and mechanism of the swinging wooden entrance door

Entrance door made of solid wood-swinging-modern-built-in spots-vase

Most doors have similar opening and closing technology operated by a hinged mechanism. However, the conventional door hinges cannot withstand a large and heavy door. This swinging front door has a beautiful design that fits together like a puzzle when closed. It also has modern technology suitable for its operation. The material for the oversized door is solid wood, which is weatherproof and therefore perfect for a front door.

White facade with massive wooden entrance door

Wooden entrance door with swinging puzzle and accent lighting

The impressive entrance door serves as an accent for the facade of the house and is tailored to customer needs. Their striking size and modern design complement the modern architecture of the house and create a memorable memory for all visitors who went through.

Modern house with LED ceiling lighting


The minimalist style house is designed by Diego Guayasamin Arquitectos. It has clear geometric lines that are complemented by a flat roof. The house also has LED lighting inside and above the wooden entrance door.

Modern architecture with geometric motifs


Illuminated house with a flat roof that has a large garden


* The official website of the architects can be found under this link.