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Summer heat protection for windows through window decorations

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Isn’t it wonderful, the summer? Long nights on the terrace, a dip in the cool water or an ice cream in the afternoon: there are many things we like to enjoy in the summer sun. But when we come home and the apartment feels like an oven, when the office with its windows turns into a sauna, when sleep is impossible because the heat in the attic just won’t go away, we’re fed up from all the beautiful sun warmth. But there is a remedy. Find out more about thermal insulation in summer!

Where does the warmth in the room come from??


Three things happen to sunlight when it hits objects. It is absorbed – i.e. absorbed – reflected – i.e. sent back – or it is let through (transmission). When it is absorbed, heat is generated. This is particularly noticeable on dark surfaces. So if we don’t have sun protection on our windows, sunlight gets into the room, is absorbed by everything here and converted into heat. Incorrect sun protection has a similar effect. A dark curtain absorbs the light, which means that the warmth is created right at the window.

Heat protection and heat protection textiles for windows

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So only a fabric that has a high reflection value can promise relief from the summer heat. But do not worry: it is much easier to find such a material – suitable for your own wishes, requirements and decoration ideas than you might now think. A good and reliable manufacturer of made-to-measure sun protection products is sensuna, for example. Sensuna® pleated blinds, roller blinds and vertical slats are, for example, on but are also available from other specialist dealers online and on site. As different as the individual products are, their application examples are just as varied.

Thermal protection with pleated blinds, slats and roller blinds from sensuna


Vertical blinds are at home in the office. Large window areas want to be flexibly covered and protected, what is better? A rotation of the slats adjusts the amount of incident light as desired and the closed slats offer – with the use of the appropriate, reflective sun protection fabric – heat protection over the entire surface.

You can also find pleated blinds on with a reflective coating on the back. Different coatings have different characteristics in terms of heat protection. A pearl reflective cover throws back some of the light, but leaves the pleated blind translucent so that daylight can enter the room even when the pleated blind is open – artificial light is therefore unnecessary. Pleated blinds with white or silver reflective backs do not have this bonus. To do this, they manage to reflect at least ¾ of the sunlight.


Pleated blinds have two other advantages:

They are made to measure for just about any shape of window and can be installed directly in front of the pane. A triangular window is also easy to protect.

Almost everything also applies to roller blinds, except for the manufacture of special shapes. One advantage here is perhaps the continuous fabric, which creates even more decoration options and combination options. In terms of space, pleated blinds and roller blinds are good colleagues. One can, so to speak, represent the other. Both work best on skylights, where thermal protection is even more important.

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As you can see, there are many ways to protect your own four walls from overheating in summer. We presented three. There is a lot more to discover at We can enjoy hot summer days relaxed at home and in the office without compromising on the decoration. By the way: With consistent use, good thermal insulation blinds, roller blinds or slats can also save energy costs for air conditioning systems. So it is doubly worthwhile to find out more.

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