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Roller blinds for roof windows as stylish sun protection for indoors

Roller blinds for skylights -white-carpet-decorative-tree-stool-deco

It quickly gets too hot in rooms in the attic in summer. If there are also skylights there, adequate privacy and sun protection is desirable. Roller blinds for roof windows are a classic and functional solution that will also contribute to the modern and decorative atmosphere in the room.

Roller blinds for roof windows offer functionality and flexibility

Roller blinds for skylights -white-modern-deco-wood-chairs-wall cladding

Glass surfaces on facades and roofs are getting bigger and bigger in contemporary architecture. Therefore, adequate sun protection is required. Roller blinds for skylights, blinds or pleated blinds should be perfectly adapted to the window frame in terms of shape and size. Personal design preferences are also an important factor when choosing a sun protection system for indoor use. Different versions are available in stores – transparent, opaque, translucent and, of course, optionally in numerous colors. Color and texture are ultimately a matter of taste. It is even possible to print individual motifs on the fabric. On the other hand, the roller blinds should be coordinated with the room design.

Roller blinds for roof windows with different Fastening systems

Roller blinds for skylights bedroom-scandinavian-design-wooden beams-white

A number of variants are available for attaching the roller blinds to the roof window. The most common variant is the standard fastening with screws or clamps. There are also Easy-Fix ​​roller blinds that are installed without drilling and simply clamped or glued to the window frame. But this is only possible for smaller areas. The roller blinds for the attic rooms are adjusted using a handle rail and operated in this way.

Skylight roller blinds require a precise fit

Roller blinds for skylights -bedroom-modern-bed-dark gray-laminate floor-flexible

When choosing suitable roller blind models, the demands placed on the exact fit and sun protection properties. Every roll material has certain properties such as protection against harmful emissions or reflections. The lightness of the material and its care also play an important role. Our tip: Before ordering from the manufacturer, find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and gather inspiration for roller blinds for skylights from our picture gallery!

 White roller blinds in the bedroom

Roller blinds for skylights -schrabzimmer-wooden beams-white-Scandinavian-design

Modern open kitchen with skylights

Roller blinds for skylights -kueche-white-modern-cook-man-open

Colored roller blinds for more mood in the room

roller blinds-skylights-colored-green-white-sideboard-deco-vase-flowers

Dark roof window blinds protect against unwanted sunlight in the morning

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-bed-pillows-white-wood-dark-fabric

Coordinate the color of the roller blinds with the interior design

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-cat-bed-white-modern-laminate floor

Dark blinds over the bed in the bedroom

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-colored-purple-wooden bed-bed linen-white

Different colors and fabrics are suitable for every style of living

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-bed-duvet-carpeted-wall-cladding

Girls’ room with pink blinds

roller blinds-skylights-pink-maedchenzimmer-fur-carpet-white-roller blind-fabric-colored

Roller blinds especially for children’s rooms with characters from cartoons

roller blinds-skylights-maedchenzimmer-disney-motifs-heroes-mother-child-reading

Roller blinds-skylights-living room-pictures-works of art-fireplace-leather couch-armchair-wooden floor

roller blinds-skylights-kitchen-couple-breakfast-dark blue-fabric

roller blinds-skylights-kitchen-kitchen-island-white-women-open

roller blinds-skylights-kids-rooms-kids-toys-carpets-cuddly toys

roller blinds-skylights-children's room-colored-green-toys-pillows-cuddly-toy-carpet

roller blinds-skylights-kids-room-little-girl-playing-doll

roller blinds-skylights-youth-room-boy-blue-white-colored-single-bed-calculator

roller blinds-skylights-bathroom-vanity-mirror-faucet

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-rustic-carpet-bed-wood-brown-beige

roller blinds-skylights-bedroom-classic-furniture-jute carpet-lpmmode-bed

roller blinds-skylights-study-wall-paint-orange-pastel-color-desk-calculator

roller blinds-skylights-kitchen-white-kitchen island-kitchen plate-green

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