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Practical living ideas hide rooms – secret doors

Practical living ideas -secret door-wallpaper-bedroom-baroque-traditional

In the past there was at least one secret passage or secret room in every stately castle and of course a well-hidden door led to it. It served as a hiding place and as an escape route. What used to work well can be useful today. By a couple practical living ideas let’s reveal how many possibilities there are actually to design a door to the storage room, to the garden or simply as a wall passage, hidden aesthetically.

Practical living ideas with secret doors and rooms

Practical living ideas -secret door-wall-cabinet-wood-floor

Mostly it is about transition rooms, rooms that are adjacent to one another and are often connected discreetly, or about a door that is rarely used. In all situations you don’t want this door in your direct field of vision. A second door is aesthetically disruptive, especially in the living room, and takes up space that can be used for other purposes.

To hide practical living ideas such as doors and rooms


Rooms that merge into one another can be divided relatively easily using a drywall. Sometimes, however, it is desirable not to completely separate the newly created separate rooms, or room and hallway. A partition has several advantages, but the connection between two rooms can be very useful on the other hand. The optimal solution for this room situation is to design the partition wall as a wall system and to incorporate a secret door into it.

Practical living ideas with hidden doors

Practical living ideas -secret door-rotatable-cabinet-wall-wenge

A secret door can be hidden in a wall system, as the individual cabinet elements can be made to measure and the proportions correspond to a conventional door. Special mechanisms allow a rotation around its own axis and thus the secret door can be opened. Another variant is that only this cabinet element can be moved.

Practical living ideas – hidden door behind the wall cladding

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-library-cabinet-wall cladding-wooden-bookshelves

Wall coverings hide imperfections on the original walls and make them look uniform. They give the wall a new structure and a modern look. However, wall cladding is the perfect way to hide a connecting door in a very aesthetic way. Wood panels and others with a natural stone look are among the most popular for modern wall cladding, and due to their straight proportions they are also perfect for concealing a door.

Practical living ideas – secret door in library wall

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-gray-library-wall-dining room

We all know the ‘secret passage’ through the library shelves from films and stories. Once the correct book is taken out and the secret door opens. We can also use this secret tip for ourselves. A wall of books doesn’t necessarily look old-fashioned. Their design should always be adapted to the individual conditions and properties of the room and the furniture in the room. In addition, the books can be sorted very creatively, for example by color.

Practical living ideas for the kitchen – hide pantry


Secret doors are very practical to optimize vertical space. Practical wall shelves can be built into a door that is rarely used, i.e. not an outside door, thus providing more storage space. In no other room are storage space options as highly valued as in the kitchen.

Practical living ideas – storage room behind a kitchen cabinet


If a housewife has a kitchen with a pantry, she is sure to be very happy. However, an additional door can make modern kitchen design more difficult. Clever is to convert this design disadvantage into an advantage. The door of the pantry or the storage room can be designed successfully as part of the kitchen equipment. A rotating mechanism then enables the door to be opened and closed.

Practical living ideas for living room – hidden mini-bar

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-modern-white-living room-bar

If you like to receive guests in the living room, a small bar is also useful. So that this is not in direct view, especially when children live in the household, it is understandable to keep all the drinks and accessories a little more concealed. The practical living idea is to install a small secret room behind a bookcase or cupboard element. With a push of a button or a twisting movement, you can easily get access to the min-bar.

Practical living ideas – hidden spaces

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-wall-cladding-white-modern-wall decoration

Secret doors are nothing more than doors that the homeowner has somehow covered so that they are not immediately noticeable. These can serve as a wall passage, but also lead to a secret passage or hidden rooms. Wall cladding in particular, such as paneling, offers ideal conditions for aesthetically concealing a door.

Practical living ideas with wallpaper – secret doors

practical-living-ideas-secret% cc% 88r-wallpaper-black-white-pattern-wall cladding

In addition to wall coverings, wallpaper also works quite well as camouflage to hide a secret door. Playful patterns, colors and structures attract the eye and make the rectangular contours of a conventional door visually disappear. Of course, in order to achieve an optimal visual illusion, the wallpaper as well as on the wall, as well as on the moving part, or on the door, perfect to attach. Stucco elements and baseboards must be perfectly cut.

Practical living ideas for bathrooms – hidden door leads to the bathroom or sauna

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-wallpaper-wall cladding-bathroom-sauna

Practical living ideas – sliding secret door serves as a room divider

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-attic-sloping-roof-wood-ceiling paneling

Slidable room dividers and intermediate doors that run into the wall can also be described as modern secret doors. They are absolutely flush and save a lot of space. With built-in wall shelves, they disappear from view and fit perfectly with the interior.

Practical living ideas optimize the space under the stairs 


There is a lot of free space under every staircase, which is mostly unused. In addition, it is not uncommon for the living room and garage or basement to adjoin each other at this point. This space can be optimized through a well thought-out construction. Take a look at our two suggestions.

Practical living ideas – secret cellar under the stairs

practical-living-ideas-secret% cc% 88r-stairs-basement-room-automatic

Practical living ideas – hide the safe behind the wall mirror


Long before safes existed, you protected your valuables behind a secret door or in a hidden compartment. Even then, large wall mirrors with thick frames were often used as camouflage. If the door opens forwards, the door movement is guaranteed but the door itself is not recognized. Otherwise, when the door opens to the rear, the door frame should also act as the mirror frame.

Practical living ideas – sliding doors divide rooms and save space

practical-living-ideas-secret-door-room dividers-room dividers-sliding-doors-wood

Practical living ideas hide confusing living elements

practical-living-ideas-secret% cc% 88r-sliding-case% cc% 88ren-kitchenette-modern-shclicht

Sliding doors that are kept simple and look more like wall plaster or wall cladding can be described as secret doors because they also hide something behind them. Mostly these are wet spots and kitchen niches that are included in the living room from the floor plan. If this niche is in a bay window, it is easy to close it with a sliding door. If it is more in the middle of the room, it makes sense to incorporate the wet area into a kind of cupboard or chest of drawers.

Practical living ideas to imitate – make your own secret door

practical-living-ideas-design-secret-door-do-it-yourself-wood-wall cladding

You can also build a secret door yourself. We would recommend the variant as a practically usable wall cladding. With rectangular offset elements, a structure can be created, behind which every wall passage will optically disappear.