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Pleated sun protection as a decorative home accessory for windows and doors

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While curtains are used less and less in modern living spaces, pleated blinds are on the rise. Thanks to an extensive variety of colors, numerous fabrics and attractive motifs, the window and door decorations can be adapted to any furnishing style. In addition, pleated blinds have functional advantages. In times of reduced interior concepts, alternative solutions that replace curtains, curtains, blinds and the like are particularly popular. Folding blinds, as pleated blinds are also often called, turns out to be modern Home accessory. It adorns windows and doors of all kinds and inspires with a multitude of plus points:

• Pleated blinds with high quality construction save space,

• easy to clean,

• functional,

• durable and

• flexible to use.

Pleated sun protection – different types of installation

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When it comes to assembly, specialist dealers usually offer various solutions in order to present a solution for all types of construction:

1. in the window rebate

2. on the frame

3. on the frame with clamp brackets

4. in the window niche

5. in front of the window niche

Installation in the window rebate is ideal because the pleated blind is fixed directly to the pane and takes up the least space there. Thanks to the guide rails, the privacy screen always stays where it should be, namely directly on the glass. Regardless of whether windows and doors are tilted, closed or completely open. In the case of braced models that are attached to the window rebate, they are usually elegant and inconspicuous Operating handles are used, which allow comfortable control without the interference of a pull cord or chain. Electronically controlled solutions adjust the pleated blinds and shade using a switch or remote control even more convenient.

The folds of the pleated fabric, which are usually around 20 millimeters wide, ensure that the elements can be conveniently folded and pulled apart like an accordion. For particularly large window or door fronts, there are models with around 50 millimeter wide folds.

Depending on your needs, the fabric is brought to the appropriate height or varied. The pleated look is responsible for the homely charm and guarantees maximum elegance in combination with chic fabrics in friendly colors. Many manufacturers sell Made to measure, so that windows and doors can also be equipped with pleated blinds that go beyond the standard.

Pleated sun protection – playing with light and shadow

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Pleated blinds are on the market in numerous Degrees of transparency available. “You can opt for fully transparent and opaque pleated curtains, but also for darkening and opaque curtains,” confirms the Swiss online retailer StorenOnline in its pleated blind category. While transparent fabrics can be compared with the decorative function of curtains, but do not offer any direct protection from prying eyes, darkening alternatives also serve as privacy or sun protection. And for the particularly high need for darkening in bedrooms, dense pleated fabrics are a good choice.

Overview of models

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Due to the high demand, pleated blinds have been continuously developed in recent years. While initially only simple versions were offered that could only be moved in one direction, today particularly variable versions are available. The following table shows the relevant differences:




The top rail is firmly fixed. The bottom rail is flexible and can be placed at any height.


These pleated blinds can be opened or closed vertically in both directions. Regardless of whether the decorative sun or privacy screen is needed above or below: this pleated blind can do anything.


This construction consists of a fixed upper profile and a movable lower and middle profile. The advantage of this variant are additional design options. Because the middle and lower profile can be characterized by different substances. For example, it would be conceivable to opt for a patterned fabric for the middle profile and to provide the sub-profile with a monochrome but color-coordinated alternative to the middle profile material. With these harmonious but refined combinations, the most beautiful accessories can be put together.

Honeycomb pleated blind

These models are equipped with two lengths of fabric and help optimize the room climate. The interconnected honeycomb elements, which act like air chambers, keep the warmth on cold days and reduce the unpleasant greenhouse effect in summer. Honeycomb pleated blinds are more expensive than simple products because they require more fabric.

Compartments, curves and more

You can set first-class visual accents with pleated blinds including an inconspicuous pull cord that can be opened and closed in a fan shape. With this kind of window dirt you upgrade any room and use the window as a tasteful design element. But there are also systems for unusual window shapes. “Whether triangle, trapezoid, round arch, slope or hexagon – made-to-measure pleated blinds offer reliable privacy protection in all windows, including sloping ceilings or gable windows”, explain the living experts at Better living online in a pleated guide.

Colors and material

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You are free to choose the colors. Hundreds of shades are available. Even Imprints of personal photo motifs are possible. The repertoire of motifs is also amazing. From floral patterns to dots to landscape backgrounds, everything is available. Among the materials are Synthetic fibers recommended that they are very easy to care for and robust. In addition to polyester, manufacturers also like to use cotton or satin for very fine offers.

Request a sample

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the service provided by some specialist dealers, free fabric samples to request. This is particularly advisable when ordering online, as individual orders can usually no longer be exchanged. With the help of patterns you can get an impression of fabrics, colors and motifs in advance.

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