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Pleated blinds – decorative all-rounders for privacy and sun protection

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If you have no shutters on your windows or on terrace and balcony doors, you have to either retrofit the shutters or use other alternatives to darken your rooms. Curtains are often not opaque enough, cannot be installed due to structural conditions or are only available as custom-made items in the appropriate size. Quite a few people have had their own experiences with the mechanism of classic roller blinds, and folding shutters are out of the question, as the windows have to be opened every time to operate them. There are still pleated blinds, which are mounted directly on the inside of the window on the glazing beads or on the window frame and can be operated effortlessly. They can be attached quickly and are available in numerous variants and sizes, also suitable for non-standardized windows.

Pleated blinds – the right model for every installation situation

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Specialized dealers such as Pleated partner offer you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different pleated blinds for every conceivable installation situation, for every room and for every window or door size. With a clear sorting according to rooms, properties and colors, the company also offers advice that will support you, for example, in correctly measuring your windows so that the pleated blind you have chosen actually fits perfectly in the end. There are also various options for attaching pleated blinds. These ensure that you can attach a pleated blind to the window without drilling if necessary and that it can also be used for windows with particularly narrow glazing beads. In addition, the pleated blinds are offered in the length and width you require – even for windows that do not meet the standard.

Pleated blinds provide privacy and UV protection

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By installing a pleated blind on the inside of your window, you prevent prying eyes from outside into your premises. Nevertheless, you can vary the incidence of light so that you have enough daylight to work, for example. You can also choose between translucent and opaque versions. Depending on the design, a pleated blind can offer effective UV protection in addition to the privacy screen and thus protect your interior from fading due to too much direct sunlight. Last but not least, if you choose a suitable pleated blind, you can also completely darken your rooms if necessary – in this case the pleated blind represents a replacement for a roller shutter.

Stay true to your furnishing style with the pleated blind as well

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You have implemented individual color concepts in your rooms and thus expressed your own style – then of course the new pleated blinds should also match this concept. Since these are available in a wide variety of colors, this is relatively unproblematic, so that the pleated blind ultimately fulfills not only practical, but also decorative functions. Speaking of functions: pleated blinds with integrated UV protection are always recommended for use in children’s rooms, which are ideally also flame-retardant in order to prevent unpleasant incidents from the outset and to optimally protect your child from harmful UV radiation.

Practical, space-saving and durable

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High-quality pleated blinds are designed for a long service life with numerous opening and closing cycles. They are therefore an investment that is definitely worthwhile, as they can be spread over many years of use if handled properly and installed correctly. In addition, pleated blinds are extremely space-saving to assemble and leave you enough space for plants, decorative items and the like on the window sill inside. Pleated blinds are also constructed in such a way that they can be opened individually upwards and downwards and thus adapt to the respective everyday situation. For anyone who wants to use them in addition to a roller shutter or as a functional replacement for one, pleated blinds are an alternative worth considering.