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Pleated blinds – custom-fit privacy and sun protection for all windows

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Modern window decoration and variable sun protection for every window shape with made-to-measure pleated blinds

The window design influences the quality of living, both visually and functionally, much more than many think. Not only can personal taste and furnishing style be rounded off or colored accents set, but above all the necessary privacy and sun protection can be provided.

If you want to design your windows not only beautiful, but also according to modern aspects with regard to the efficient use of daylight, energy-saving heat protection or healthy light dosage, you need a very versatile, flexibly operable and precisely fitting privacy and sun protection on the window. Because depending on the time of day or the season, the shape of the window or the orientation of the windows, the most varied demands are made on efficient privacy protection and sun protection. Made to measure pleated blinds offer precisely this versatility, which is not only expressed in a large selection of fabrics, but also in a large number of models.

Privacy and sun protection with pleated blinds – functions and properties

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You will find a particularly large selection of pleated fabrics for individual customization. B. on There are more than 400 fabrics available in different designs, colors and properties. To find the right pleated fabric here faster, you can use various filter options, e.g. B. according to colors, light transmission, heat protection or pattern.

Thermal protection, privacy protection and sun protection in summer and winter

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The photometric values, which provide information about how much sunlight is reflected, absorbed or let through by the pleated fabric, are particularly important for the desired sun protection on the window. A high reflection value always stands for a high level of thermal protection. A high transmission value for a high level of light transmission. In order to be able to offer better thermal protection in summer, thermal protection pleated blinds are usually provided with a reflective coating on the back. This can be white, silver or shiny like mother-of-pearl. Honeycomb pleated blinds reduce the heat exchange at the window in a different way: thanks to their honeycomb structure, they form additional air chambers as heat cushions on the window, so that heat loss can also be greatly reduced in winter.

Light dosage for darkening or glare protection

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Pleated fabrics are available in different light transmittances from transparent to semi-transparent or dim out to darkening. Transparent fabrics offer hardly any light protection and in darker colors can only be used as a light filter. A little more protection e.g. B. in front of glare effects on the screen, on the other hand, offer semi-transparent fabrics in muted colors or dim-out fabrics that only let a little light shimmer through. For effective darkening, pleated blackout blinds that are completely opaque are recommended. How much light you want to let in through your window can of course also be determined by the stepless operation of the pleated blinds.

Privacy protection with opaque pleated blinds

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If you want to protect your living or work space from unwanted views, a pleated blind is very suitable as a privacy screen. Because, on the one hand, there is a large selection of opaque fabrics to choose from and, on the other hand, you can position the pleated blind precisely where the privacy protection is necessary thanks to its variable operability. Semi-transparent pleated blinds are ideal as translucent privacy screens. If you want to achieve good thermal insulation or blackout at the same time, you can choose dim out pleated or blackout blinds.

Pleated blinds with special coatings

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Depending on the place of use, attention must also be paid to the suitability of the material when selecting the material. Special coatings and types of fabric make z. B. the damp room suitability for the use of the pleated blind in the bathroom or in the winter garden is ensured. Flame-retardant pleated fabrics and anti-bacterial, dirt-repellent pleated fabrics are also part of the large selection of fabrics for the Pleated made to measure on to find.

Pleated models for rectangular, sloping or round window shapes

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Thanks to the fold structure of the pleated fabrics and innovative tensioning and rail technology, pleated blinds can be made to measure for a wide variety of window shapes. The selection of models extends from tensioned and free-hanging pleated blinds for rectangular windows to pleated slope systems or trapezoidal pleated blinds through to tensioned pleated blinds for skylights or ceiling windows. These differ not only in their shape, but also in the various operating options. Even round window shapes can be provided with precisely fitting privacy and sun protection with pleated blinds. In the model overview on you will find more than 30 different pleated blind shapes that you can configure according to your wishes with the desired fabric and various options for assembly and operation.

Pleated assembly options

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Also because of their large selection of installation options, pleated blinds are a bit ahead of other sun protection systems for windows. Installation within the glazing bead is particularly practical and elegant, which is why it is usually intended as a standard installation. Most pleated models can also be attached to the window sash, in the niche, on the wall or ceiling. However, pleated blind assembly without drilling is particularly popular. This is possible on all common plastic windows, whereby not only clamp carriers but also adhesive carriers can be used. This allows you to attach a pleated blind to window surfaces that cannot be opened without drilling, e.g. B. on skylights.

Due to this multitude of designs, fabric functions, pleated models and options for assembly and operation, with a custom-made pleated blind you get exactly the privacy and sun protection you need and you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to individual window decoration. And if you want to see whether there is something for your window or how much a made-to-measure pleated blind costs, you can use the configurator Feel free to try it out and request free pleated fabric samples in advance.

If you are unsure whether pleated blinds fit into your apartment and your living style at all, it is worth taking a look at the large sun protection gallery below On this page new pictures of happy pleated blind customers are published again and again.

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