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Modern crochet curtains for a romantic touch – 30 ideas

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-window-perspective-vintage-boho

For those who love the vintage style, we have 30 charming ideas for modern crochet curtains, who interpret traditional handmade lace as a curtain in a new way. Crocheting can be described as a true artisanal art and hard craftsmanship, which is why it is so valuable and highly valued in all countries. It is fine work and is often passed on and taught from mother to daughter or from mother to granddaughter over the generations.

Modern crochet curtains for a romantic atmosphere at home

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-detail-lace-white-fabric-cotton-idea

Of course, the minimalists wouldn’t like the crochet curtains. For fans of boho chic, some can turn into real miracles. You can implement some as a highlight at home and it will certainly not look grandma-like. Wonderful floor-length curtains made of white handmade lace become a unique home accessory. These are tied together according to the patchwork principle from bundled pieces, hand-crocheted modules – squares, flowers, etc. Romantic curtains made of white cotton or linen fabric edged with lace ribbon are also variable.

Modern crochet curtains made of white cotton

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-detail-lace-cotton-thread-yarn-white

The real crochet curtains are by no means cheap, which is why there are many similar variants on the market by the meter. These are often used to frame curtains, tablecloths and other home textiles.

Modern crochet curtains – detail of design with tinsel


For lovers of hippie chic, an alternative to crochet curtains as homemade macrame is also an option. These are partly crocheted and partly knotted, have long fringes and are often colored. See the picture gallery and collect some inspirations!

Floor-length, modern crochet curtains let in pleasant light


Floor-length modern crochet curtains with a square pattern

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-floor-length-lace-cotton-cream-white

Modern crochet curtains for a romantic flair

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-floor-length-cream-white-lace-handmade

Modern crochet curtains for an individual touch in the interior 

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-detail-lace-cream-white-window-transparent

Modern crochet curtains in soft white

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-lace-cotton-curtain-white-terrace

Modern crochet curtains for the winter garden

crochet-curtains-modern-romantic-long-balcony-inside-coffee table-garden furniture

Modern crochet curtains in hippie style

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-hippie-macrame-brick wall-white

Modern crochet curtains in black for boho chic


Exotic modern crochet curtains or macrame hang on the window


Modern crochet curtains or macrame with ombre effect

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-hippie-macrame-white-turquoise-ombre-brick wall

Modern crochet curtains as a door curtain


Modern crochet curtains as a wall decoration in hippie style

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-hippie-wall-decoration-macrame-antlers

Modern crochet curtains – simple macrame with long fringes


Modern crochet curtains – a combination of cotton fabric and lace 

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-lace-fabric-cream-white-window

Large selection of designs also in combination with cotton or linen fabric 

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-fabric-lace-cotton-execution

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-white-edge-lace-fabric-cotton

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-vintage-fabric-lace-console table

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-floor-length-window-patio-doors-lace-fabric

crochet curtains-modern-romantic-window-lamp-tinker-white-lace






crochet curtains-modern-romantic-production-traditional-window-wall-color-victorian


Modern crochet curtains - country house-lace-handmade-terracotta-floor-basket-plants

Modern crochet curtains -country-door-curtain-vase-flower wall cladding-wood-alm