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Light protection & sun protection for windows – the different variants at a glance

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Although large window fronts and light-flooded rooms are very popular and ensure comfort in your own four walls, they also have a major disadvantage: They attract the curious glances of the neighbors. If the sunlight shines directly into the room, the living spaces continue to heat up, which creates an uncomfortable living atmosphere in the hot season. To deal with this problem, you need suitable light and sun protection for windows. We summarize the different variants with their advantages and disadvantages in the article.

light- & Sun protection for windows – what options are there?

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Especially in summer, when the sun is shining outside and the temperatures are rising, it should Stay cool and shady in the interior as possible. Good sun protection keeps the hot sun rays away and ensures an optimal living environment. You can choose between classic blinds, modern roller blinds and pleated blinds or the less effective but still beautiful curtains.

Decorative sun protection with roller blinds and Roman blinds

light and sun protection for window blinds roman blind striped pattern

Roller blinds are rectangular strips of fabric that are rolled up when they are pulled up. They can be attached to the ceiling, on the wall or directly on the window frame and are easy to assemble yourself. There are variants on the market for gluing and clamping that are perfect for rental apartments.

In addition to simple assembly, the roller blinds are also characterized by a large variety of products. Transparent roller blinds, for example, only provide light privacy, with thermal and opaque blackout blinds effectively protecting against heat and sun. A Roman blind, on the other hand, combines the advantages of curtains or drapes and roller blinds. Its colors and patterns can be adapted to any facility and enable individual room design.

Pleated blinds: window decoration and optimal sun protection in one

light protection sun protection for window pleated white

Pleated blinds are modern and versatile as light protection and sun protection for windows. You sit directly in front of the window pane and can thus completely darken the room. Also known under the name of pleated blinds and pleated blinds, pleated blinds are known as a modification of the roller blinds. In contrast to the roller blind, the pleated blind is folded instead of rolled up and can be freely positioned so that the incidence of light can be regulated individually and selectively.

When it comes to aesthetics and interior design, pleated blinds leave almost nothing to be desired. In addition to their practical functions, they should not be underestimated as a design element in modern furnishings. Available in different colors, patterns and fabrics, they offer numerous design options for your own home. Depending on the area of ​​application, you can choose between a transparent, opaque or completely darkening pleated blind, which ensures optimal comfort. on For example, there is a large selection of high-quality pleated blinds available that fit every window shape. Simply specify the exact measurements of the windows and find the right light and sun protection for your own four walls.

A classic light and sun protection for windows with blinds

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If you don’t want to completely block the view of the outside, the tried and tested blinds are a suitable choice. Thanks to its adjustable slats, the incidence of light can be regulated without sacrificing the view. If necessary, the blinds can also be adjusted so that neither sunbeams nor prying eyes are let in.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, blinds do not offer as many options as pleated blinds or Roman blinds, for example. Nevertheless, they are available in different colors and materials such as wood or aluminum and can be adapted to the respective interior. The blinds with metal slats offer optimal light and sun protection for windows, because they reflect the sun’s rays and thus protect the interior from heat.

Louvre curtains not only for the office

Light and sun protection windows inside vertical blinds

Vertical blinds, also known as vertical blinds, are widely used to furnish offices. In the meantime, however, they are also finding their way into private rooms, especially in modern living spaces with window fronts from floor to ceiling. As with the classic blinds, the incidence of light can also be regulated with the vertical ones. Their disadvantage is that they have almost no temperature-regulating properties.

Curtains for great living comfort

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Compared to the other options for light and sun protection, curtains and drapes are the least efficient. The freely falling materials can keep the sun’s rays away, but offer hardly any temperature compensation and can visually reduce the size of the rooms. Otherwise, curtains are among the most popular options for light protection at home, because they provide more comfort and create a homely atmosphere in the interior. Many therefore opt for a combination of curtains and more efficient sun protection, such as roller shutters, roller blinds or pleated blinds.