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Lift-and-slide door for the terrace or balcony: these are the advantages of modern French windows!

When a renovation is imminent, most people think of the floor and wall design first, then the lighting, the furniture and the decoration. But often you skip one important aspect – doors. Such as lift and slide doors (HST). Wherever there is a balcony or terrace, the right HST should of course not be missing. Now, if you think this would be an easy undertaking, you will quickly find that it is not. Due to the huge range of different models and safety equipment available, this can be a lengthy process. We explain what you should consider when buying a lift and slide door for the terrace or balcony.

Lift-and-slide door for the terrace: the advantages at a glance

Lift-and-slide door for the terrace and balcony Advantages

Lift and slide doors are enjoying increasing popularity due to their modern aesthetics and functionality. Indeed, thanks to their modern construction, they offer many advantages. On the one hand, they let plenty of sunlight into the living area. On the other hand, the generously glazed doors ensure that the view from the sofa extends into the garden and far into the surrounding area.

Lift and slide doors offer high functionality and stability

Lift and slide door for the terrace technical advantages

In terms of functionality, they are in no way inferior to traditional sliding doors. They offer good insulation, save space when opening and closing and blend in harmoniously with contemporary living spaces. Therefore, they make the interior more comfortable and create a seamless transition to the winter garden or outside area. In this sense, the lift and slide doors prove to be true all-rounders and guarantee a large number of customization options. Above all, the large selection of materials contributes to this. From wood, PVC or metal to combinations such as wood-metal balcony doors or plastic-metal patio doors: the variety of options leaves nothing to be desired, so that everyone can find something that suits them.

Lift-and-slide door for the terrace or balcony: How is a French door constructed?

French doors with long handles for the terrace or balcony

What is allowed is what you like – and what you need in your wallet. Here is a brief explanation for a better understanding: The term “French doors” refers to doors on a balcony or terrace. It is a custom-made product. A special door handle allows the sash to be lifted slightly and opened to the side. This is possible thanks to an innovative lift and slide technology. The lift-and-slide door systems are characterized by simple operation and lightness. At the same time, the construction is extremely stable and durable.

What you should consider when buying a lift and slide door

Order made-to-measure lift-and-slide door what to consider Buying tips

So that you can enjoy your new lift and slide door system for a long time, there are a few things to consider when purchasing:

  • Select a model at ground level. Families with small children can thus avoid a dangerous trip hazard. In old age and for people with physical disabilities, the barrier-free transition between inside and outside is particularly important.
  • Choose the widest possible design so that furniture can also fit through the patio door.
  • Select a material, a color and a design that, together with the other architectural elements of the facade, create a coherent image.
  • Put a lot of emphasis on quality manufacturing. The windows and doors in the house are similar to the flooring, a long-term investment that will pay off over time.

The qualitative manufacturing is crucial for a lift and slide door

Order made-to-measure lift-and-slide door what to consider Buying tips

It would be possible to switch to an inexpensive variant, but often further difficulties arise after a long time: The rubber seal becomes crumbly, the frame is warped or the sliding patio door made of plastic no longer fits. But there are also variants where the price of the lift-and-slide door is much cheaper and still delivers high quality and delivery is even free of charge nationwide. We recommend company Oknoplast, who has been manufacturing their products in Poland for 27 years. Take a look online or get in touch directly with the 600 specialist dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Lift and slide door for the home office in the garden shed