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Large wooden shutters offer many advantages in this flat roof house

Folding shutters wooden slats glass sliding doors rooms

In recent years, eastern urbanization in Montevideo, Uruguay has expanded from Ciudad de la costa to the Canelones coast, turning resorts into residential areas. Such transformations have gradually changed the landscape, creating a smooth transition between city, suburb and coast. Building a house in this environment means adapting the architecture to these changes. That is why the MASA arquitectos team opted for a modern flat-roof house that blends harmoniously into both the urbanized environment and the natural landscape. The large wooden folding shutters, which fold up vertically and can be wonderfully integrated into modern architecture, play an important role. Not only do they have multiple protective functions, they also offer the option of blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.

Folding shutters made of wood, facade design, flat roof house, concrete

House “Marindia” is located in one of the least inhabited areas of the resort – a wild piece of land that is influenced by urbanization. In architecture, however, nature and artificiality no longer stand in stark contrast to one another, but are defined by their contrasts and reinforce each other in their mutual presence. The natural landscape brings out the strict geometry of the house, while the house seems cozier and more protective in a harsh environment. Such a concept makes it possible to resolve this contradiction by merging the two elements into one another. The wooden shutters serve as a screen, a veil that can be opened wide to invite nature into the house.

Wooden shutters. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors

Modern life increasingly requires the use of technical devices that offer people more comfort – air conditioning, power lines, home control systems. The architecture concept allows the limits of such a duality to unfold. The outer shell, which consists of simple materials such as concrete, glass and wood, should contrast with the technical sophistication inside the house. The wooden folding shutters not only offer flexibility in facade design, but are also timelessly beautiful.

Folding wooden shutters fold up indoors

Fold up the wooden sliding shutters

Concrete ceiling living area sliding glass doors fireplace stove view

Concrete ceiling gray floor tiles large format fireplace

modern folding shutters wooden slats sun protection living room

Folding shutters wood outside bedroom sun protection concrete ceiling

Bedroom wooden shutters sun protection floor tiles concrete look

Floor plan flat roof house Uruguay

Cross-section of concrete flat roof house

You can find out more on the architects’ official website: MASA arquitectos