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Design a modern window sill for sitting – 20 design ideas

Window sill to sit on -modern-window seat-living room-modern-cozy

Regardless of whether it is during the day or at night, the view through the window is very calming. If you have a seat next to it, it will quickly become a favorite place in the house for thinking and dreaming. A window sill to sit on is the perfect place to comfortably look outside from inside. A wide seating window offers a completely different experience than sitting on an armchair and watching the world from inside. You can also set up a wonderful reading corner there. The design options are many.

Windowsill to sit on

Windowsill to sit -modern-window seat-house-wooden-bay window

If you dream of a niche by the window as a seat, there are three ways to realize this idyllic idea: a bay window as a fixed part of the architecture, a window niche through custom-made conversions that can also be used as storage space, or reclining furniture fitted under the window front . It is important that you have a seat width of at least 40 centimeters. Comfortable upholstery and seat cushions can also be placed to create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. You should also think of highly thermally insulated windows that guarantee an optimal room temperature.

Windowsill to sit on -modern-window seat-wood-decorative-pillows

The wide walls with a window that is flush with the facade are particularly suitable for a window sill to sit on. This creates deep window niches that can be wonderfully provided with a plate made of wood, stone or concrete. This area can be used imaginatively and extremely practically: designed like a shop window that presents a rich collection of decorative objects or like a cozy corner with a beautiful view.

Window sill to sit on – a cozy place to relax

Windowsill to sit on -wood-closet-storage space.modern

The slightly wider area is used wonderfully by converting the windowsill into a cozy reading corner with a view of the outside included. Soft cotton pillows or a mat the size of the windowsill invite you to linger. If there is enough space, favorite objects, books or decorative items can also be nicely arranged somewhere next to it. In addition, the location next to the natural light source is ideal for the indoor plants. You can find these and other ideas and tips for designing a window sill in this post.

Windowsill to sit on with a great view

A large-format panorama window allows a large, direct incidence of light and not only the living ambience benefits from this. This makes the room appear more open and spacious. If there is the option of installing a slightly wider area on the window, the resulting niche underneath can be wonderfully set up as additional storage space.

A window sill to sit on: a bay window

Window sill-sit-modern-window seat-bay window-clinker-facade-house

Bay windows have been a status symbol and a style element that visually beautifies the facade since the Renaissance. Most of them were purely decorative, for an optical enlargement of the room and more light. Usually they became two-part and rarely three-part. The so-called “Bay Windows” are a constant in English building culture. Bay windows do not lose their popularity in contemporary architecture either. In connection with the straight proportions of the buildings and their minimalist character, they now have a pronounced rectangular shape.

Advantages of bay windows

Window sill-sit-modern-window seat-bay window-house-glass facade

Bay windows extend the viewing angle from 45 to 270 degrees and thus optimize the incidence of light. This makes the interior look bigger and more open. These properties and the use of more glass in the new buildings make the installation of bay windows as a style element more and more popular. In addition, they enable a diverse, stylistic design. Mostly they serve as a cozy component that enhances the home design, for example a window sill to sit on.

window sill-sitting-modern-window-seat-granite-black-minimalistic

The biggest problem with the installation of bay windows and generally of large glass surfaces is energy efficiency. In new buildings that combine a modern lifestyle with well thought-out, open room planning and contemporary architecture, the large-format box windows are particularly preferred. With their insulating space in between, they not only ensure optimal sound and insulation protection, but are also a popular style element.

Install window sill for sitting

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A challenge for the installation of a wider window sill to sit on may be the radiators, which are usually present in old apartments, but not only under the windows. If these are covered, they have significantly less heating output in winter. The installation of a bench window sill is only advisable if another form of heating such as underfloor, infrared or wall heating is available in the room.


A window sill that is wide enough to sit on can be built in the form of a window-high shelf. It would be particularly practical if you provided storage space under the seat. If a foam mat should be placed on it for comfortable sitting, then you also have to plan its thickness so that there are no problems opening the window.

Windowsill to sit on for a modern living space design

window sill-sitting-modern-window-seat-wood-lamp-wall cladding

Modern living space design includes large window areas, which are the perfect starting point for deep window niches. If these are available, they can be used as a comfortable seat and transformed into a so-called seating window. This is the perfect place in the apartment to relax and can quickly become the favorite place of the whole family.


Only windows facing the street are not very suitable. The noise and the constant movement of people and means of transport are disturbing. In addition, not everyone wants to sit in a window. The seating window is best oriented towards an inner courtyard or garden and thus offers a quiet view.

Windowsill for sitting made of wood

window sill-sitting-modern-wood-kitchen-bench

It is best to make a window sill out of wood to sit on. In contrast to stone or similar, this material impresses with a warm look and is also characterized by optimal thermal insulation properties. Wooden windows can absorb and release moisture, which contributes to a very good indoor climate. In contrast to plastic, the natural wood material does not become statically charged and not as much dust collects in the corners. Finally, cleaning is made easier.

Windowsill for sitting made of natural or artificial stone

window sill-sitting-modern-natural stone-fireplace-white

A window sill made of natural or artificial stone for sitting fits in particularly well with a modern living environment. The material offers a very large variety of colors and structures. But it doesn’t just impress with its visual properties. From a purely technical point of view, stone window sills can be easily and precisely adapted to create a better connection between the facade and the window. Artificial stones are particularly suitable for indoor use and are also cheaper than this natural type.

Granite window sill to sit on


Whether granite, marble or another natural stone, the sustainable material promises lasting pleasure in the object. The robust look combines very well with plastic, aluminum or steel, from which the window frames and patio doors are usually made. A couple of soft cushions and an upholstered seat mat soften the appearance and ensure a high level of comfort when sitting comfortably and looking out.

Windowsill for sitting made of concrete


Concrete window sills are an inseparable part of the current industrial style. They are made to measure and can therefore fully meet individual ideas and requirements. In addition, they are characterized by high durability and minimalist aesthetics. The material can also be tinted and thus matched to any living ambience.

Decorate the window sill for sitting


On a wide bench under the window you can not only sit, but also lie comfortably, even with the whole family. Equipped with cozy home accessories such as pillows, a blanket and of course a comfortable, covered foam mat, the window bench invites you to spend many relaxing hours and also serves as a day bed or guest bed.

window sill-sitting-modern-window-seat-wooden bench-cozy-pillows

A foam mat or a felt pad and cushions make the seat made of a robust material, in this case wood, particularly cozy. For relaxing, playing, drinking coffee or simply looking out, this bench by the window is sure to bring a lot of joy and enjoyment to all residents. Incidentally, the window panes are moved outwards, as is the case here, nothing needs to be cleared away when opening. The hidden storage space underneath is an original and space-saving idea that is another highlight. It is precisely this practical function that the unique piece of furniture aesthetically incorporates into the entire home furnishings.

Decorate the window sill with plants and herbs to sit on

Window sill-sit-modern-window-seat-wood-build-plants-decoration

The area next to the window is ideal for indoor plants that like a lot of light. Small arrangements of exotic types of plants or of modern design and decorative objects find a prestigious place on the windowsill. These quickly become an important design element in the room and give it an individual touch.

Build your own window sill to sit on


Every hobby craftsman can also build a seat under the window himself. The wood material is best suited for this, as it is easy to work with. The construction varies depending on personal preferences or the available space and the need for additional storage space. Reading material or the children’s toys, but also firewood for the fireplace, can be stored there. A small additional storage space for a tea cup and warm lighting complement the atmosphere perfectly. For example, you can enjoy breakfast with a wonderful view every day and start the day completely relaxed. Then nobody will be surprised that the favorite place in the whole house is this little corner.

Windowsill for sitting turns into a reading corner

window sill-sitting-modern-window-seat-natural stone-cozy-cushion-lamp

If the position and orientation of the window is particularly advantageous, a cozy reading corner can be created there. Sufficient lighting, but not dazzling, is required, especially in the evening or when there is not enough daylight. Reading lights for mounting on the wall are perhaps the best solution here, because they hardly take up any space to install. A floor lamp is of course always a flexible alternative.