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Aluminum or PVC windows: advantages and disadvantages of these profiles

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Many different types of window profiles are offered, which differ in their appearance and price as well as in their quality. And since changing windows or putting in new ones is a bigger investment, at least learn the basics beforehand. In principle, there are four different types of profile that you can choose between. Those are the windows made of wood, steel that Aluminum or PVC windows. The latter two are the most popular these days, and thus widely used. For this reason, in this article we would like to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of two types of profiles, so that you can more easily decide whether you should choose aluminum or PVC windows.

Aluminum or PVC windows – advantages and disadvantages of aluminum profiles

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The aluminum profiles are weatherproof and therefore durable and also look modern. Another advantage is that the material is not changed or damaged even with major temperature fluctuations. It is also very easy to maintain. Compared to the PVC profile, they are more robust and the choice of color variants is greater.

Aluminum or PVC windows – However, aluminum windows also have some disadvantages. On the one hand, they are more expensive than plastic windows and, on the other hand, they are not as heat-insulating. But now isolated variants are also offered. The non-insulated ones are mostly used for interior windows. With the aluminum profiles there is an increased risk of moisture build-up. In areas with salty air, i.e. near the sea, the profiles can form bubbles or pores on their surface.

Aluminum or PVC windows – advantages and disadvantages of PVC profiles

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Aluminum or PVC windows – PVC profiles also have their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, they have the property of better thermal insulation because they are made of plastic. Maintenance is also extremely easy with PVC, but this is topped by the lower price compared to aluminum. The formation of moisture is not given here, provided the windows have been installed correctly. Since the edges of the PVC profiles are glued, there is less risk of drafts.

Here, too, there are some disadvantages that should be considered before deciding for or against aluminum or PVC windows. The plastic material is not as durable as the aluminum and it is more susceptible to major temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it can be damaged or displaced more easily. When choosing a color, the cheapest variant should not be chosen, as it often turns yellow over time due to direct sunlight. Since the plastic is more flexible, it has to be reinforced with steel profiles. However, this means that the PVC profiles can or should only be used up to a certain window size.

Aluminum or PVC windows – aluminum profiles for the exterior windows to the terrace

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The design and architecture of the building is also often a factor that plays a role when it comes to choosing aluminum or PVC windows. In modern facilities, aluminum profiles are a great choice because they support this atmosphere. Of course, PVC is also suitable for this in some cases, but especially if you are striving for a cozy, homely atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the plastic profile.

Aluminum or PVC Windows – How to Save Energy

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Aluminum or PVC windows – As you may know, the PVC profile is offered with a different number of chambers, which determine the strength of the insulation. This means that the more chambers the profile has, the better the thermal insulation. In this sense, windows made of PVC are clearly the better choice compared to aluminum, if you also consider the price. The reason that the formation of moisture is also lower is that the temperature of the plastic inside is warmer than that of aluminum.

Aluminum or PVC windows – aluminum profile as a folding door

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Aluminum or PVC windows – in order to recognize the effectiveness of the profiles of the aluminum or PVC windows, one should pay attention to the coefficient that characterizes the thermal transmittance (Uw). The lower the coefficient, the better the thermal insulation of the profile. The coefficient does not only include the profile but also the number of glass panes. Correct installation is also important in order to obtain good thermal insulation. The joints must be sealed.

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Aluminum or PVC Windows – Large PVC windows in the living room

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Aluminum or PVC Windows – A building with gray aluminum windows

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Aluminum or PVC windows – windows and doors made of white PVC with a classic design

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Aluminum can be chosen for striking window shapes

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