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35 modern interior doors that would increase your living comfort

modern interior doors natura-lilac-motif-flower

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying new doors. From determining the correct dimensions, the direction of impact, the wall thickness to the style, design and surface colors. When buying, pay attention not only to the beautiful appearance, but also to quality features that promise a long service life. We have a few tips and suggestions for you modern interior doors, that could help you with this task.

Modern interior doors with a special design

The design doors from Bertolotto Porte are included available

modern interior doors design-white-frame-alaska

Particularly impressive are the design doors from the company “Bertolotto Porte”, a leading door manufacturer in Italy, which raise the design possibilities in the home to a new level. Most of the models have been created by well-known artists and designers and are the perfect choice if you are looking for something a little different. Modern interior doors are available painted in color with a multitude of milled motifs such as flowers or branched trees.

Modern interior doors made of solid wood

Solid wood interior doors from Haberl made of walnut and larch wood

modern interior doors solid wood-walnut-larch-wild wood

The solid wood interior doors in popular types of wood such as walnut, oak and beech combine the security and noise protection advantages with the warm appearance of wood. In addition to the real wood veneered doors, there are also the so-called CPL interior doors (Continuous Pressure Laminate), which are available in numerous wood decors and colors. It is a tough laminate that is used to laminate the doors. These doors are a more cost-effective alternative to real wood, but can hardly be compared with its appearance. Thanks to the grain of the wood and the individuality of each tree, you can be sure that each door is unique.

Glass doors with a motif

modern interior doors topdoors-all-glass-door-motif-Asia

Both models are at available

These glass doors are real eye-catchers. They are printed on one side with Zen motifs, which makes the glass door opaque, but lets a lot of light through. You can choose a popular motif and design the glass door according to your taste.

fascinating fingerboard on double-leaf glass doors

modern interior doors Haberl fingerboard, elm, double-leaf glass door

modern interior doors double-glass-door-solid wood-door leaf-Ruester

Exclusive door design by Haberl

Invisible frame systems offer new, creative scope for interior design. Interior doors are fully integrated into the wall and used as a wall design element. For example, the wall and door can have the same look as in the example below. Interesting wall coverings or photo wallpapers contribute to the individual living ambience.



Both models above from the Flat VD door series are included available

All-glass doors are always a very special eye-catcher in a room and are the perfect solution wherever a lot of light is always required. In addition to the classic types of glass, there are doors with sandblasting motifs or applications that turn the door into a noble designer piece. The glass looks cool, elegant and can be perfectly combined with a metal frame.

All-glass door with aluminum frame and sandblast


The model is at available


Both models are available from

Madras Fiandra glass door by Piktura Loft


The model is at available

Unusual designer interior doors by Bertolotto Porte

modern interior doors bertolotto-design-brown-casazen

Each of these doors is unique and looks like a real work of art. Unique and elegant. The surface of the door is carved out with sand and then colored. As if you had drawn lines in the sand with a rake like these miniature Zen gardens. You could get a relaxed feeling right away. This door collection is called “Casa Zen” and is a design by the artist Elio Garis. The seven models are offered in different shapes and colors.



modern interior doors bertolotto-blue-design-sand-casazen

Inner door fully integrated in the wall


Sliding door with frame running in front of the wall


white lacquered sliding doors with milled motifs



modern interior doors bertolotto-design-natura-series-black-flower-motif



The white lacquer is noble and is currently very much in vogue. The white lacquer doors and frames can be integrated into almost any living environment and appear high-quality and timeless. The glossy version could additionally increase the feel-good factor.

Modern interior door designs by








These wooden interior doors impress with their rustic look and embed themselves seamlessly in any living environment. Mostly made of pine, spruce and oak, these doors can be designed with various glazes in numerous colors.

modern-interior-doors-jeld-wen-country house-larchenholz-bright-living room