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Transparent organic solar cells – the energy source of the future?

Modules transparent nice idea window

See-through organic solar cells are the new trend – in the near future they can be mounted on windows, office buildings and even airplanes. The versatile application possibilities of the alternative energy source offer exciting alternatives for interior designers and architects.

Organic solar cells – completely transparent!

see through old building alternative power supply

Organic solar cells, which appear completely transparent – the project of the Institute for Photovoltaic Science ICFO offers an innovative solution for large cities. Thanks to the increased efficiency, the solar cells convert a larger percentage of the incoming solar radiation into energy. Complete buildings can be equipped with this new energy-efficient solar system. They can be integrated where conventional silicon-based solar cell panels cannot be installed – such as windows or glass facades. The efficiency of the transparent solar modules is lower compared to the thin-film silicon photovoltaic cells. In view of the large window fronts of the tall buildings in the metropolises, this alternative source of energy is definitely worthwhile. Interest in the new technology has increased even more thanks to the low production costs.

Transparent organic solar cells offer an exciting alternative for architects

Electricity solar panels building nice idea

The transparent solar cells are not just a source of energy – they convert thermal radiation into energy, which can cool the interior in the summer months and prove to be particularly helpful. Not only buildings can be equipped with it – the transparent surface of the photovoltaic cells can supply cameras, cell phones and tablets with energy in the future. The researchers are currently in the process of testing the numerous new possibilities. Organic solar cells are a trendy alternative energy source for a reason – they can reduce electricity costs and protect the environment at the same time. The solar panels are more and more often installed on private houses.

The thermal radiation is converted into energy

Convert heat radiation Use solar energy

Low production costs are a great advantage of solar modules

Solar cells photovoltaic systems manufacturing process

Transparent solar cells offer numerous application possibilities

House window environmentally friendly cheap energy

Transparent solar panels for the windows

Solar panels window application options Save electricity

lower solar cells facade building modern

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The frameless glass sliding doors from Sky-Frame – absolute transparency

panorama window sky frame transparency

The specialists in Sliding glass doors and window, Sky frame, the boundaries between inside and outside become blurred with this innovative, invisible glass door. You can barely see this sliding glass door, but it will protect you and your home from the outside elements without disturbing the view. Sky-Frame offers the best of both worlds. The large sliding window made of glass is embedded in an aluminum frame flush with the ceiling, floor and wall, and only a narrow rung remains visible.

Glass sliding doors from Sky-Frame

unrestricted view sliding glass sky-frame

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor relaxation, you can Sliding glass doors let nature in. They let 98% of the daylight flood through them and make the room livelier. The residents enjoy uninterrupted views and the warmth of the sunshine. In addition, the rails are low and handicapped friendly. These award winning frameless sliding glass doors are preferred by many architects for their projects.

Glass sliding doors harmoniously combine with the glass balcony railing

Large sliding window balcony glass railing

98% of the incidence of light floods into the house without restriction

frameless sliding doors sky-frame exterior

Glass is used abundantly in modern architecture

frameless sliding glass skyframe

Large sliding windows for an unobstructed view

large sliding glass sky frame

minimalist interior and glass doors

Sliding glass doors to apartment house minimalist interior

Glass doors blur the line between inside and outside

sky-frame sliding window pool area

easy access to the garden through the sliding glass doors

Sliding glass sky frame apartment building

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Exclusive door design by Karim Rashid for a chic living environment

Living room pink black white furnishing Karim Rashid Design

That Door design is an important element of modern interior design, but it is often neglected. The modern doors allow new possibilities in interior design. We present you an extremely interesting series that was designed by Karim Rashid for Digi with a lot of passion.

Up-to-date door design for a better quality of life

Office design black and pink furnishing

The Sensunel collection represents the designer’s preference for bold colors, interesting ornaments and graphic patterns. These interior doors are available in a diverse range of colors and in several modern designs. Everyone would definitely find something to their own taste among the different models. Surprise your guests with a unique one Door design – Characteristic for style and uniqueness in every living space.

Charming door design – a smart decision for personal living comfort

Frameless door design Karim Rashid

The flush doors from Digi add vibrant color schemes to the boring white walls. They are very suitable for children’s rooms as well as for the office or home office. An innovative one Door design would be the ideal refreshment for your kitchen or living room and would be the only color accent in a purist interior.

Unique door design for modern apartments

Door design Violet Design-Digi Karim Rashid

Modern, simple furnishings and light-flooded living are all the rage. The flush interior doors are in harmony with the modern interior design. The breathtaking Door design from Digi and Karim Rashid guarantees timeless elegance and tranquility in your own four walls. Add decorative wallpaper, beautiful paintings, modern chandeliers, art objects or decorative elements to the room and create a modern, homely living environment.

Modern gray door with metal effect

Door decorative pattern armchair classic black

Computer generated designs for doors

Graphic Motif Door Pink-White Digi Karim Rashid Door

Energetic flirty pink for expressive door design

Exterior door Karim Rashid Pink door

Elegant form and convenient function – elevator door

Flush door Beautiful wall design-Digi Design

Futuristic appearance – design with 3d wave patterns

Door design black 3d effect

Chocolate brown wall and black door with a dramatic look

Black door 3d leather look armchair

Futuristic doors give the room personality and energy

Purple Outer Door Graphic Pattern Karim Rashid

Frameless flush interior door created with passion and fun

Digi interior door ideas-green geometric motifs

Inside door design in blue – white frame

Blue door Digi-Karim Rashid Design

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10 interior door designs for 2013- living ideas for your house and apartment

modern glass door-yellow room door

We have 10 trendy ones for you Interior door designs collected – glass door, wooden door, sliding door or side entrance door made of metal – renowned door manufacturers presented their alternative for modern furnishings.

Interior door designs by Bertolotto

Glass door modern design blue

The innovative Interior door designs from Bertolotto have a modern color, chic model. The company has seven different room doors, each of which is a work of art. But in contrast to most works of art, these can also be admired by the neighbors – they are great as side entrance doors.

Interior door designs – sliding glass doors

modern glass sliding door

Cabinet with glass door

Glass door closet bedroom

Sliding doors are particularly useful as room dividers in small apartments. These gorgeous interior doors designs by Albed offer an interesting alternative how you can divide your room. They are translucent and perfect for a family. The living area can be divided into a dining room, living room and small library on this lawn. They can also be used as cabinet doors.

Trendy colors for 2013 – interior doors by Karim Rashid

modern front doors - inner door

Green room door

modern green interior door design

If you need fresh paint in the house, you can go for this gorgeous one Interior door designs by Karim Rashid for Albed decide. They look sculptural – the door handles are hidden and look very aesthetic. Suitable for modern minimalist interiors.

Stainless steel entrance door

Metal front door trends

The first impression is always particularly important. The Company Forms + Surfaces offers a luxurious and innovative design for front door – metal door. Each entrance door is a mosaic of different metal elements. The designs make the house look glamorous and attract attention.

Sliding doors with a trendy design

Sliding doors-modern wall panels

Raydoor screen

Raydoor screen

The sliding doors of Raydoor offer a diverse and impressive alternative to traditional designs. The models are for determined people who are looking for modern aesthetics and functionality in one. The doors consist of translucent panels that form different patterns. The system is offered in different colors and can be adapted to the interior.

Entrance door from Keratür – safe, durable, innovative

modern entrance doors Keratur wood steel

Keratur has launched an excellent collection of modern front doors. The models have been awarded a design prize for their longevity and innovative production. Practical, safe, stable – this is the best way to describe the exclusive entrance doors.

Interior door designs by Bartels sliding doors

modern sliding door system design

If you’re after inspirational Interior door designs then this creative sliding door from Bartels certainly liked. The designer room doors can be perfectly combined with interiors in industrial chic. They are made of wood and have a minimalist look.

Italian chic and classic elegance – room doors by Tonin

Leather room door-Swarowski stones

The Italian company Tonin is with their luxurious Interior door designs known. You have clad room door in leather. The doors look like a noble addition to any classic facility and have been decorated with Swarowski stones. The designs are available in a wide range of colors – from pink and blue to brown and green.

Modern and cool room doors

modern folding door wooden frame design

Folding door with a chic design

Glass door folding door house entrance patio furniture

The modern and cool room doors from Nana Wall offer an exciting alternative to traditional doors – folding doors that seamlessly connect the inside with the outside area. Even when the door is locked, the door frame is barely visible and you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Glass doors system from Solarlux

innovative folding doors-modern house furnishings

Glass doors with good insulation

Glass door system house construction

The doors of Solarlux are characterized by modern design – they are offered with door frames made of wood, aluminum, or a combination of both materials. They can be custom made and come in numerous sizes and dimensions. They provide good insulation and open the house to 180 degrees for the environment.

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Unusual design doors made of wood by LauraMeroni Design


When it comes to doors, the emphasis is on security. The specific spatial conditions are taken into account. Material and processing-specific properties such as thermal insulation, soundproofing, durability and reliability are at the top of the list of customer requests. And these are at best very important. However, the attractive appearance of the interior doors has taken its deserved place in recent years. the Doors made of wood of the Porta Words collection set a new standard in door design. If you are interested in unusual products for the home, then you definitely have to take a look!

Unique design doors made of wood Graffiti collection


The Porta Words door collection, designed by Italo Lupo for, is also suitable for discerning customers Laura Meroni Design. The wooden doors can shape the overall impression of any room – regardless of whether you install them in the office, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. The individualized labels on the doors reveal what is hidden behind them.

Graffiti artwork in your own four walls


The traditional notion of interior doors is a thing of the past. The trend is for doors that look like real works of art. These stand for an individualized design.

As a unique design piece, these doors can be installed in all rooms


The fascinating Graffiti collection made of teak


Entrance door Porta Words


A model by Italo Lupo for Laura Meroni Design


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31 modern wooden interior doors with glass from Porta Doors

living room design modern wooden interior doors decorated with glass cutouts

If someone tries to write a story about the interior doors, it would be very exciting. It should include all designs and styles typical of different times and places. Just think of how many important political events or face-to-face meetings happened somewhere behind closed doors, outside doors, or somewhere in between. The main function of the doors is to separate two rooms from each other, but the designs change over time and present us with new, interesting models. Today we have 31 for you modern wooden interior doors put together that can be perfectly embedded in our living spaces.

Modern wooden interior doors for every room


The doors of “Porta Doors“Will show you the latest in style and technology. With over 20 years of experience, the Polish manufacturer is constantly expanding its product range and surprising us with new decisions. All models are characterized by the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail. Everyone will find their favorite in this small collection. There are wooden doors in different grains, pure white interior doors with a classic design, or wooden interior doors with decorative glass cutouts that allow natural light to flood into the room. The doors are an element that is not changed every day, so this decision must be carefully considered when furnishing the home.

Modern wooden interior doors with or without a glass cutout

modern wooden interior doors frame-glass-horizontal cut-outs

white interior doors

modern wooden interior doors white mirror

decorative glass cutouts


Contrast between wood and slate stone


modern apartment with doors made of light wood


beautiful, dark wood grain


geometric pattern


simple decorations

modern-interior-doors-white-deco-slots-living room

modern wooden interior doors, glass cut-outs, hotizontal



interior-doors-wood-glass-green-colors-living room





wooden-room-doors-modern-apartment-sloping roof



wood-interior-doors-glass-cut-outs-horizontal-frosted glass

wood-interior-door-dark-dining-room-cream-green-color palette






living room-interior-doors-wood-glass-cut-outs-horizontal



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The matching curtains and drapes adorn the windows – 35 decoration ideas

curtains and curtains red-brown modern living room furnishings white gray

the Curtains and drapes have become an inseparable part of the facility. On the one hand you protect privacy, on the other hand you give the room character. Colorful, monochrome, translucent or opaque – those who want to decorate their windows nicely can find many alternatives on the market. We will give you an overview of the fabrics, colors and patterns so that you can choose the right one for your own windows.

Curtains and drapes for a cozy atmosphere – overview of the types and fabrics

curtains and curtains yellow design warm atmosphere living room

Curtains and drapes ensure cosiness and comfort in the house. Often the two terms are used as synonyms. Basically, the difference between them lies in the choice of fabric. The curtains are sewn from semi-transparent or transparent textiles, while the curtains are made from dense and non-transparent fabrics. If you want to put your curtains in scene, you have to match the color and style with the rest of the interior. The previously popular plastics are receding; instead, designers are placing more and more emphasis on natural materials such as linen, silk and cotton. The light textiles create a cozy atmosphere.

Sheer Curtains – Transparent texture lets sunlight into the room

curtains and curtains white romantic transparent shelf wood

We offer you an overview of the substances that make up Curtains and drapes sewn in recent years so that you can find the right design according to the space available.

The translucent curtains are a nice addition to the interior – they find a place especially in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Their transparent texture lets sunlight into the room in abundance and at the same time provides privacy. The translucent curtains are made from fine fabrics such as organza, batiste or muslin. Neutral and light color palette adds to the overall concept.

Curtains and drapes made of cotton and other semi-transparent textiles

curtains and curtains purple idea modern transparent curtain rod

The curtains made of cotton are offered in different colors, patterns and densities. Often cotton and linen are combined so that, in the end, robust textiles are created. Many manufacturers offer this for the children’s room Curtains and drapes made of crepon – a textile that is also woven from wool.

Taffeta curtains

curtains and curtains blue-gray modern desk pictures wall design

The curtains made of translucent fabrics have one major disadvantage – they offer privacy during the day, but in the evening, when the room is illuminated, they quickly become completely transparent. The taffeta offers a practical alternative – the opaque fabric is extremely functional. In summer the taffeta curtains protect against the warm sunlight, in winter they keep the warmth in the room.

Window decoration ideas for every furnishing style

Living room classic wooden furniture table lamp pictures

Curtains in strong colors can set accents in the interior and decorate the windows. Curtains that are color-coordinated with the interior are particularly expressive. Our tip – monochrome designs frame the windows and let the living style come into its own. They allow you a certain flexibility – and can be easily combined with numerous home accessories. Textiles with patterns in neutral colors, floral motifs and stripes go perfectly with the country house style, while transparent fabrics are suitable for modern interiors.

Pottery Barn’s designs are an inspiring example of how curtains and drapes can become a highlight in an interior.

Combination between curtains with patterns and single-color curtains

combine windows create modern furnishings

Curtains for the garden provide privacy

Curtains garden resistant sturdy fabrics summer patio area furniture

Totally trendy – floral patterns

Floral pattern neutral colors beige brown

Perfection in white

white curtains country style decoration pictures wall

Neutral color palette – good for any facility

neutral colors decoration elements wall clock pictures

For colonial style interiors – colorful curtains

colorful nature motifs plants flowers red green white

Christmas motifs window decoration ideas wreath

Curtains hang up classic living style colonial style furniture

Shabby chic bedroom set up decorate

Baskets wood furniture design decorate living room

Natural textiles wooden furniture fireplace country house look

Bedroom set up bedspread light green silk

Bedroom bed canopy linen fabric thin

small coffee table flower decoration idea

Furnishing ideas, puristic living style, subtle wall decorations

colorful floral pattern classic decor wooden furniture

translucent mustard color wood doors garden

Girl's room decorating ideas butterflies

Curtains blue color living room maritime decorating ideas

Cabinet curtains stripes pattern bright colors cotton

high windows white curtains dark blue decoration

Curtains privacy screen frame window leather armchair red

Colors country style lantern wall decoration ideas

Color brown living room wooden furniture classic

yellow living room decorative fabrics white furniture

Curtains mustard silk curtains window

Decoration ideas pictures wall mirror wood frame

light curtains leather bed headboard strips

Bedspread floral pattern cotton curtains

transparent curtains background colorful bedspread

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70 curtain ideas for a cozy feeling of living

curtain ideas point pattern white colorful furnishing interior

When it comes to individual room design, home textiles are an important factor for comfort. This includes in particular the curtains and drapes, which can be coordinated with the furniture and play a decisive role as window decoration for the overall effect of a room. Opaque curtains and drapes are available in many colors and shapes, patterns and designs – the large selection of models offers you numerous options for designing your living space differently. Let yourself be seduced by the variety in our curtain ideas gallery!

Curtain ideas – opaque curtains for decorative window design

curtain ideas beige red flowers motifs peonies couch brown

Opaque curtains help to make us feel safe at home. They not only keep prying eyes away, but also provide more privacy and have a heat-insulating effect – this can reduce heating costs in winter. With additions such as curtain brackets, decorative end buttons, decorative fittings, curtain decorations and tie-backs, you can create a stylish and cozy living atmosphere in all rooms.

Opaque curtains – tips for buying

curtain ideas autumn colors burghunder green purple leaves motifs

Changing the curtains can bring a breath of fresh air into your home in no time at all. When buying, however, it is important to know for what purpose the curtains will be used. If the curtains have a decorative purpose, then light cotton curtains with stylish patterns are suitable. If, on the other hand, curtains and drapes are to be used as good sun and privacy protection, choose those made of heavier fabric with special coatings that block out dazzling sunlight.

Curtain ideas for new designs or redesigns in your own style

curtain ideas vintage style romantic roses pink side table white

Curtains made of silk or shiny velvet look very elegant. As an alternative to this, there are opaque curtains made of faux silk that imitate a natural look. Curtains made of natural materials such as cotton or linen are easier to wash and iron than curtains made of silk, silk blends or other high-quality materials. If you choose heavy curtain fabrics, remember that these must be attached with sturdy curtain rods or rails.

Images via: Dunelm Mill

Checkered curtains

curtain ideas checkered brown curtain rod armchair vintage mirror frame

Curtains with a strong expression

Ready-made curtain-pair of curtains-tulips-pattern-opaque-strong-prints

As window decorations, curtains give your home a special touch


Semi-gloss fabrics


Noble velvet curtain


Curtain scarves for a better indoor climate

curtains-scarves-with-tiebacks-window-decoration-sun protection

Floor-length curtains look elegant


Playfully disguise window frames with curtains

strong-prints-curtain-set-interior-window decoration

Beautiful eye-catcher

finished curtain-gray-stable-curtain rod-window decoration

Floor-length curtains made of satin

Garden scarves-dab-stripes-pattern-floor-length-wall-pastel tones

Curtain ideas for patterns

Thermo-scarf-curtains-gray-velvet-living room-elegant-modern

Thermal scarves increase thermal insulation

Bedroom-window-hanging-design-window decoration

Pair of curtains with tiebacks


Soft curtain scarves


Opaque prefabricated curtain

stripes-curtain-decoration-scarves-blue-white-fabric-living room-bedroom

Strip curtain


Window hangings with flowers

Roman curtains-pair of tiebacks-dessin-kitchen window

Country house curtains with strong prints


Curtain ideas for kitchen cotton curtain


Velvet curtain-gardin shawls-purple-floor-length-modern-living room

satin curtain-ready-made-curtain-modern-tieback-metal-curtain rod

cotton curtain-practical-privacy-screen-living-room-wall-color-gray

cotton-curtain-living room-strong-prints-floral-patterned

floral-patterned-floor-length-curtain-set-living room-purple-walls

flower-patterned-pair of curtains-country-house-curtains-with-flounces-tiebacks


floor-length-opaque-curtains-stable-curtain rod


Decorative scarves-pastel-curtains-living room-furnishings-textiles

elegant-garden-scarves-opaque-heavy-material-stable-curtain rod

Thread curtains-ideas-stable-curtain rod-kitchen window

Thread curtains-interior decoration-flower-patterned-window decorations

Thread curtain pattern blackout curtain

Thread-curtains-bedroom-ideas-strong-prints-living room

Window-curtains-curtains-with-tiebacks-curling tape-gray

Window-hangings-garden scarves-checkered-opaque-window protection-kitchen

Window hanging-stable-curtain rod-kitchen window-sun protection


floral-design-curtain-floor-length-practical-privacy-protection-sun protection

pair of curtains-shabby-chic-decorative-scarves-flower-patterned


garden scarves-pink-interior decoration-bedroom-window decorations

Garden scarves-stripes-pattern-sun protection-window decorations


light blue-curtains-thermo-scarf-velvet curtain-curling ribbon-floor-length

light-gray-pair-of-curtains-with-tiebacks-Roman-curtains-with-gathering tape

Interior decoration-cotton curtain-modern-window decorations

Interior decoration-window hangings-thread curtains-purple-blackout curtain

Checkered pattern cotton curtain stripes kitchen window ideas

classic-curtains-tiebacks-extra-lined-light blue

classic-curtain-set-pastel-colors-light green-hearts-pattern

country house-cotton-curtain-opaque-strong-prints-flowing-floor-length

Country house curtains-opaque-curtain-pair-strong-prints-floor-length

country house-pair of curtains-floral-patterned-curling ribbon-cross hangings


Cross hangings-raffgardinen-dark red-thermo-scarf-flounces-ruffled tape

Bedroom-finished-curtain-opaque-two-color-interior decoration

velvet curtain-tieback-red-blackout-curtain-extra-lined

Thermo-scarf-garden scarves-curtains-satin-curtain-chic

Thermo-scarf-curtains-beige-pattern-dessin-living room


cotton curtain-floral-patterned-wall-color-purple-living room-ceiling moldings

Country house curtains-pair-with-flounces-ruffled-ribbon-white-red-patterned


Bedroom-opaque-curtain-set-practical-privacy screen


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