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Integrating a whirlpool in the garden: helpful tips and design ideas for your own spa!

We all want this a quiet retreat where we can rest after a long, tiring day and simply let the stress go away. Sitting in the gently bubbling water of your own whirlpool in the garden and enjoying the beautiful view with a glass of wine – doesn’t that sound wonderful? Your own spa is a mini luxury that beautifies the outdoor area and transforms it into a small oasis of calm and relaxation. Every day feels like a vacation and you don’t even have to leave the house. If you are toying with the idea of ​​integrating a whirlpool in the garden and would like to put it in the limelight, you will find many practical tips and design ideas with us.

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Whether oval, square, large or small – outdoor whirlpools are now available in all possible sizes and shapes. It is therefore very important to take some time to consider how much space you have and where you want to incorporate it in terms of aesthetics and function. Since this is a long-term investment, it would make sense to opt for a high-quality model. The whirlpools from “AWT” for example are constructed using the latest technology and high quality materials to guarantee you years of enjoyment.

Integrating a whirlpool in the garden – how to find the right place

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So that nothing stands in the way of your dream of your own spa in the garden, you should first find the right place for the whirlpool. The key to creating the perfect oasis is optimizing the area. An excellent option is to place the hot tub on a solid base and close to the house and water and electrical connections.

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So that the time in your own whirlpool in the garden becomes a real wellness experience, a beautiful view must of course not be missing. You have more space available? A large swim spa with all sorts of extras would be the perfect focal point of your garden and is a great opportunity to plan cool pool parties with friends or relaxed family evenings any time of the year.

Which floor design is best suited for this?

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Before you integrate the whirlpool into the garden, you should think carefully about where you want to place it and prepare the space accordingly. The subsurface on which the whirlpool is to stand must be at ground level and minimally compacted. Just like at home, the right flooring also sets the tone outdoors and should reflect your own taste and style. Depending on whether you have opted for an above-ground or ground-level model, some floor coverings are more suitable than others. While concrete slabs look modern, wood creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Artificial turf is another quick and cheaper alternative. Whirlpools embedded in the floor look beautiful and discreet and can be harmoniously integrated into the overall concept. However, when planning, it is particularly important to ensure that access to the technical area is not blocked and remains freely accessible.

Plants and privacy screens complete the overall picture and provide more privacy

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Whether a hedge, a fence or a natural stone wall – a suitable privacy screen ensures more privacy and lets you completely forget the world around you while you end the day in your own whirlpool in the garden. With exotic hardwood you create a warm and spa-like ambience, while stone gives the outside area a modern and upscale look. Trees and large plants as privacy screens combine comfort and design in one and create a zen feeling. Pergolas and pavilions would also be an attractive addition to enhance the entire area. They not only keep the curious neighbors from looking, but also protect you from the strong and harmful rays of the sun.

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