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Freestanding bathtub for a wellness feeling in your own bathroom

beautiful whirlpool bathtub

We present you 10 unique design ideas for freestanding bath – you will feel like you are in the spa in your own bathroom!

Freestanding bathtub – whirlpool model

Whirlpool bathtub design

This freestanding bathtub from Beauty Luxury will contribute to the real relaxation and wellness atmosphere at home. A remote control with different functions and an integrated radio will surely inspire you.

Classic freestanding bathtub by Victoria and Albert

freestanding bathtub modern bathroom design

Bathtub in the shape of a peninsula

Victoria Albert bathtub design idea

Ergonomic shape and simple white color

Bathroom design ideas wellness bathtub

The classic freestanding bath the manufacturer Victoria and Albert will create a luxurious look in any bathroom. The bathtub was inspired by the shape of the Cabrits peninsula and precisely follows its geographic curves. The ergonomic construction ensures you feel good and the classic white color goes with every color in the bathroom.

Unique bathtub from Glas Idromassagio

Wood flooring bathtub design bathroom design

Modern design and interesting elements

Italian style wooden bathtub

If you are looking for a modern freestanding bathtub, this model is for you – we’ve never seen anything like it. Despite the interesting texture, the bathtub looks cozy and goes well with any style. The Company Glass of Idromassagio recently presented this exciting idea.

Copper bathtub – innovative and interesting

Bathtub copper design

Copper bathtub with a chic decoration

Copper bathtub detail-classic design

Copper bathtub – why not? The company’s high quality products Premier Copper have managed to surprise and fascinate us again and again. And this model is no exception – the classic embellishments are just beautiful.

Modern freestanding bathtub in the garden

Bathtub garden design lighting

Classic variant in red color – bathtub

classic bathtub-red color

Bathroom design with Italian furniture – Zuchetti Kos

Italian bathroom furniture bathtub white

The Company Zuchetti Kos presented a bathtub for the garden. The design is traditional – with a round shape and white color and refreshed with many extras such as integrated lighting. The second design is an interesting bathtub based on the French tradition, offered in classic white or modern red color.

Bathtub made from innovative materials in a minimalist style

Bathtub cork stone-minimalist bathroom design

Bathtub and pendant light made from the same material

Freestanding bathtub-Baignore Stone

Bleu Nature is an innovative brand that designs and presents creative and imaginative pieces of furniture. Part of their new collection is this freestanding bathtub made of cork, which has been combined with appropriate lighting.

Whirlpool and bathtub in one design

Wood bathtub whirlpool-puristic bathroom set up

Puristic shape – suitable for the garden and larger bathrooms

Punctoaqua bathtub spa experience wellness

Punctoaqua included this bathtub in their last collection – the design is suitable for the garden as well as for larger, purist bathroom designs.

Modern bathtub in two versions – for built-in or free-standing

Hafro bathtub-large bathroom

Hafro Whirlpool design built-in bath floor tiles

Hafro is this design that is offered both free-standing and built-in. Which option you choose depends on the available space and the floor. We were fascinated by the two variants!

Corner bath with shower zone – perfect for small bathrooms

practical corner bathtub shower zone Teuco bathroom

Bathtub shower-small bathroom

Teuco bathtub wall tiles

Teuco presented this freestanding corner bath with shower – this beautiful design is perfect for small bathrooms, or bathrooms with sloping ceilings.