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Egg-shaped sauna reflects the arctic landscape – Solar Egg project in Sweden

egg-shaped sauna facade mirroring golden egg

The Swedish artist duo Bigert & Bergström completed an extraordinary art project in 2017 specially designed for Sweden’s northernmost city. It is a public outdoor sauna with the unusual shape of a huge, golden egg. The project was called Solar Egg and it fulfills the need for a warm and welcoming place for the residents of the Swedish city of Kiruna. The egg-shaped sauna impresses with its unique design and looks like a real gem in the middle of the arctic landscape. Read on to find out more about the artists’ special project.

egg-shaped sauna solar egg sweden

Solar Egg was not only inspired by the arctic climate in Kiruna, but also by the extreme light conditions in the polar region. Polar day and polar night rule here for half a year. The outer shell of the egg-shaped outdoor sauna is therefore clad with almost 70 gold-plated stainless steel panels that reflect the sun and the arctic landscape during the polar day. In this way, the sauna turns into a real jewel in the middle of the snow-covered area.

outdoor sauna design egg shape reflecting facade

The special work of art is five meters high, four meters wide and can accommodate up to 8 people. The wooden paneling, which characterizes the interior design of the sauna, is located under the reflective shell. The egg-shaped sauna is clad inside exclusively with aspen and spruce wood. A heart-shaped sauna heater is positioned in the middle of the huge egg, in harmony with the oval shape. The special oven provides enough heat and ensures the well-being of the visitors. Inside, the shape of the stainless steel plates is reproduced by the wooden cladding, so that the internal and external effects of the sauna match.

interior design sauna round shape sauna heater

The egg-shaped sauna is part of the urban transformation project for the Swedish city. The iron ore mining, which has lasted for decades, has caused the soil to subsurface, so entire parts of the city have to be relocated. For this reason, the outdoor sauna is designed in such a way that it can be moved to different locations.

sauna heater design middle outdoor sauna

This impressive sauna with an original design is the epitome of well-being. It brings warmth even on the coldest days in the polar region and is entirely planned for public use. The special building is a symbol for a new beginning in the city and creates a connection between people, nature and technology.

sauna design inside sauna heater middle

outdoor sauna design oval gold mirror

artwork outdoor sauna reflective facade snow

egg-shaped sauna snow-covered landscape golden facade

facade mirroring outdoor sauna golden egg

* The Solar Egg project is from the Swedish studio Bigert & Bergström designed