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Barrel sauna in the garden: helpful tips and information for your own oasis of wellbeing!

For many of us, the garden is a place of relaxation and our own oasis of wellbeing, where we can relax after a hard day in the office. A garden is not just there for planting, it can do a lot more. Once known as pure luxury, outdoor saunas are becoming increasingly popular. According to a survey by the German Sauna Association, around 30 million Germans regularly use public saunas. And that’s no wonder – after all, we all know that going to the sauna strengthens our immune system and has a positive effect on health. However, more and more people are deciding to save the travel time and the costs for it and are investing in their own garden sauna. The cold and dingy winter days in particular are much easier to survive if you have the opportunity to take a sauna at all times. Are you also thinking about building a beautiful barrel sauna in your garden, but you don’t know what to look out for? To make your life easier, we have summarized the most important points and helpful tips for you!

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Going to the public sauna is often time-consuming and expensive and let’s be honest – especially in winter we want to spend as much time as possible at home. There is hardly anything better than recharging your batteries in your own garden sauna and doing it something good for our health to do. And the best? Even if you don’t have a lot of space, this dream can still be realized. Particularly stylish, practical and eye-catching – barrel saunas are trendy and their advantages are valued by more and more people. If you are also interested in barrel saunas and want to find the right model for your garden, then it is definitely worth taking a look at Barrel sauna overview from the blog Silviaunddennisbauen.de to throw.

The barrel sauna in the garden: what types are there and how big should they be?

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Thanks to its practical shape, the barrel sauna in the garden fits perfectly into even the smallest corner. But not only that – the heat is also used much more efficiently and the sauna heats up faster. How big your sauna should be depends primarily on your financial possibilities and the space available. A distinction is made between a round barrel sauna, also known as a barrel sauna, and the oval barrel sauna. When placing it, make sure that it can be reached quickly even in winter and that you have enough space for other activities. The number of people with whom you will share the sauna also plays an important role in the purchase decision. Most models can accommodate 2 to 7 people.

The right heater ensures the ultimate sauna experience

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The stove is the heart of every sauna and you can choose between an electric heater and a wood stove. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose depends on your own taste. The classic wood stove undoubtedly has a special charm and creates a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. Remember, however, that the stove needs to be cleaned of its ashes regularly and that you should always have enough wood available. In addition, the wood stove is considered a special fireplace and in this case you will need a permit for your barrel sauna in the garden. While electric heating offers easier maintenance, a high-voltage connection must be laid in the garden. Even if you are a skilled craftsman, we would recommend that you leave these tasks to a professional electrician.

Think about the subsurface and the choice of location for your barrel sauna in the garden

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The right location and the right foundation are very important so that your sauna in the garden is secure and you can enjoy it for a long time. The decision should definitely be made with caution, because once the sauna is in place, it cannot be easily changed. A frost-proof foundation or a concrete slab are extremely stable and ideally suited for this. For the placement, it is best to choose a well-protected area that cannot be seen from the street or by your neighbors. With plants as a privacy screen, you ensure sufficient privacy and give the garden area an exotic touch.

A barrel sauna in the garden requires a permit?

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Whether you need a permit for your barrel sauna in the garden depends on the federal state in which you live. The permit requirement in Bremen, Berlin, Thuringia, Saxony, Saarland and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania depends on the area and distance to the neighboring property. Although a building permit is generally required in the rest of the federal states, there may sometimes be certain restrictions or special regulations. It is therefore recommended to check with your tree authority.

Barrel sauna in the garden tips sauna types comparison