Wrapping money gifts for the wedding in an original way – 47 ideas

In the past, crockery sets or kitchen machines were given away for a wedding, but money gifts are all the rage today. Of course, they have the advantage that you don’t have to spend weeks thinking about what to buy. Indeed Money gifts for the wedding mean much more than a simple white envelope with banknotes that is given to the bride and groom.

money gifts for wedding roses idea original romantic artificial leaves

Today we have put together many creative ideas on how to stylishly wrap money gifts for the wedding party, so that you would really stay in the memory of the recipient.

Originally packaged money gifts for the wedding

money gifts for the wedding tree money bills pretty idea coins flower pot

You can never go wrong with money as a present, because everyone needs money. There is a wide range of packaging ideas that you can use to creatively wrap your cash gift. If you have artistic skills, you can tinker it yourself. If you don’t have a skilled hand with handicrafts, all you can do is pick the idea and go to a professional for help. The main thing is that the gift of money should bring joy. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Ideas for creative money gifts for the wedding

money gifts for the wedding bouquet of flowers tinker money idea

Folding money is very important when tinkering with money gifts. It’s not as hard as it looks. Shirt, heart, mouse, flower, butterfly and fan are the most popular origami items made from banknotes that are given away for marriage. Find a suitable video tutorial and try it out with a piece of paper first. You can then put the folded works of art in a beautifully decorated box like this mini suitcase.

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As a wedding present, jewelry stand dolls are “clothed” with money

money gifts for wedding sheep mannequin dress tinker idea

You create a real eye-catcher with an idea like this. Just get a mannequin. This doesn’t necessarily have to be huge. She then receives an attractive dress made from banknotes. You can use any banknote here. The advantage of euro bills is that they are beautifully colorful. You are welcome to team up with some other guests and create and present your monetary gifts together in this way.

Make a garland in a present box

money gifts for wedding boxes sticking ribbon funny

This idea is certainly less noticeable, but no less practical and original. All banknotes are glued together, giving you a long garland. Glue the ends of this garland once inside a present box and once in the lid. Make sure to use an adhesive that can be easily removed again so that the notes can be separated from each other and used again. Adhesive tape is probably best.

Money in an umbrella


Buy a nice umbrella. It doesn’t have to be an umbrella. A parasol made of lace is very attractive and can later be used by the bride as a decoration in the house. Hang the banknotes inside the umbrella. As long as the umbrella is still folded up, you have no idea what the bridal couple will expect when it is opened.

Wrap gifts of money nicely


Small suitcase with money for the wedding



Gift of money in a picture frame


You can put the banknotes in a glass picture frame. They can be fixed with a small piece of tape so that they do not slip. You can also add a funny saying such as “Break glass in an emergency”.

Fold money flowers yourself and give them away as a bouquet


A bouquet of flowers goes down well on any occasion. Then how about a bouquet of money roses as a money gift for the wedding? All you need is banknotes, wire and leafy plants. After you have folded the money roses, you can tie them into a real bouquet.


Bouquet of flowers in a decorative glass vase


Little trees made of banknotes


Fasten compartments made of banknotes to the tree


Cake decorated with money







money gifts wedding embroidery tree picture frames


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