Wedding in gold and blue – 34 elegant ideas


Navy blue and gold are the perfect colors for the wedding because they go with almost every season and almost every theme. They are suitable, for example, for weddings on New Year’s Eve, for weddings on the beach, for an art decoration or a rustic wedding. These two colors as  Ideas for the Wedding in gold and blue form a beautiful contrast to each other and are extremely elegant. You can use it to make a great table decoration. Just use gold cutlery, a blue tablecloth, and blue napkins. And the groom can also be dressed in blue, because that’s the hottest trend right now. Your bridesmaids will certainly not mind wearing dresses in this breathtaking color and you can rock the wedding yourself in a glamorous, gold wedding dress. Enjoy the following, stunning photos which provide some ideas for that wedding in gold and blue Show in these colors and be inspired by them.

The accessories for him and her in the wedding in gold and blue


The bride can choose blue shoes and a white or blue dress, along with jewelry in the shape of a navy knot.

Wedding in gold and blue – elegant and thematic – a knot element


In the wedding in gold and blue, the bride is in the spotlight. But who will be the captain of the family ship??

The wallet can also be blue with a basic color, with some golden motifs.


The main man in the Wedding in gold and blue wears a chic wristwatch in these colors, stylized with ship elements. He can also wear a real naval uniform.

After the wedding, the accessories can help again


The bride’s veil and tiaras can also be made of gold. Even the wedding ring is made with blue and gold stones.

Gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds decorate the ring


Greetings to all guests of the wedding in gold and blue


The decorative colors of the muffins are also the same and together with the surroundings in the restaurant or on the terrace you get the impression that you are also on a dream ship.

 The wedding cake – in white, blue, or lightly decorated with gold.


Two hearts in gold on the white cake


If the wedding doesn’t happen on the terrace







bridal dress - blue-gold-short-shoulder-free