Wedding face mask: The bride mask is the trend accessory of the year for your wedding!

We all agree that the coronavirus pandemic has completely turned our lives upside down and that 2020 is absolutely unusual. Wearing a face mask has become a lifestyle – something necessary without which we cannot leave the house. Without any doubt, the wedding industry is one of the sectors most severely affected by COVID-19 – many newlyweds have postponed or even canceled their weddings for health reasons. But after the strange coronavirus tattoo, a new, unusual trend is coming our way – the wedding mask! However, these are not the usual masks from the pharmacy, but models that are adapted to the wedding dress. Regardless of whether you will be a classic or a boho bride – we have put together the most beautiful ideas for wedding masks that not only look great, but also protect you!

Surgical Mask Wedding Trend Wedding Accessories Bridal Masks Ideas

We never thought that face masks would find their way into bridal fashion, but here we are. On Pinterest, the search for ideas for bridal masks has increased almost 25 times in the last few months. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the World Health Organization recommends wearing face covering in public and at major events. So if you’re planning on hosting your wedding during the COVID-19 era, masks are a must-have anyway. So why not turn these into an elegant accessory that gives your outfit that certain something?

Wedding face mask is the absolute must-have accessory for your big day

Bridal masks Wedding accessories Trends Get married with a face mask

Getting married with a face mask – most likely that’s not what you want for the most beautiful day of your life, right? But what if we tell you that the bride mask could be a real eye-catcher? Everyone from high-end designers to small retailers have jumped on the trend, offering many fashion options for all future brides and grooms.

Surgical mask with pearls and lace Bridal masks Wedding trend

Whether with romantic pearls, lace or glamorous rhinestones – the models differ greatly and are incredibly diverse. So the wedding face mask is an excellent way to protect you and your guests and look great while doing it!

Bridal masks in different designs and colors are the perfect addition to your wedding dress

Wedding accessories trends Bridal face mask with pearls

Although many people have chosen to postpone the wedding, others have stuck to their date and organized a small “micro-wedding” instead. Face masks have become an indispensable part of the “new normal” and our everyday life. But if you get married in the next few months, we have good news for you! The wedding face mask looks really great in photos and can be selected to match the wedding theme or wedding dress.

How to choose the perfect wedding mask for yourself

Bride mask with pearls and lace with face mask marry trend

If you do not want to cancel or postpone your wedding, it is advisable to find out from the respective registry office how exactly the weddings will be carried out. Some of the models for bridal masks are real works of art and look so chic that you can easily do without any jewelry or excessive make-up. If your wedding dress is trimmed with lace, a wedding mask with fine pearls and a soft fabric like satin might be just the thing for you!

Surgical mask with pearls and lace wedding accessories Surgical mask wedding trend

However, if you would like to wear other accessories such as a pretty flower crown or have decided on an elaborate hairstyle, you should prefer a simpler model. In this case, you can wear the face mask in everyday life even after the big day.

Surgical mask wedding trend bridal masks with pearls

Whether classic in white or playful in soft pink nuances – when it comes to color, a wedding face mask leaves enough leeway. The selection has now become so large that every bride can find the perfect face covering that wonderfully underlines and complements the entire wedding look.

Personalized face masks for you and your guests

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Not only the bride and groom, but also the guests want to look good at a wedding. So why not have personalized masks made? You can order these with the first name or with funny allusions to the role of the respective guest. The variants “mother of the bride or groom”, “bridesmaid” etc. are particularly popular. The face masks not only look cool and funny, but can also serve as a small reminder of the day.

Embroidered wedding mask made of tulle

Face mask for the wedding Bridal masks with pearls

The embroidered tulle bride mask feels incredibly light and comfortable and is therefore the best possible choice for a summer wedding! A design in white and decorated with fine details that match your bouquet, the face mask turns into a trendy accessory that gives you a fine touch of elegance and sophistication.

Satin face masks for the bride and groom

with face mask marry bride masks Trend face mask wedding

Satin face masks are incredibly comfortable and can easily be worn for long periods of time without the feeling of choking in them. If you are going to wear a wedding dress made of the same material, then this is without a doubt the perfect accessory for you! To give your look an even more personal touch, choose a wedding mask that matches the color of your dress.

Wedding face mask – How to wear this trendy accessory in a stylish and elegant way!

Face mask with pearls face mask wedding bridal face mask trend

Add an extra touch of shine to your wedding day with a white face mask with fine sequin decorations

Wedding masks accessories trends with mouth guards get married ideas

Pretty, romantic and timeless – lace is one of the biggest wedding trends of the year

Wedding mask with lace and pearls Wedding accessories trends

Personalized bridal masks are particularly popular and add a personal touch to your wedding

with face mask marry mouthguard for bride and groom

Looking for an elegant wedding mask? Opt for a romantic and simple design that you can also wear in everyday life

with face mask marry face mask for bride and groom

Are you planning a wedding in the country? Personalized face masks with a floral or leaf pattern will bring a smile and are the perfect complement to the wedding theme

Surgical mask wedding ideas bridal masks trend

The bride masks are available in different colors

With mouthguard marry ideas mouthguard wedding for guests