Wedding dresses in blue for an original and delicate look

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Perhaps you know the tradition that a bride has to carry something blue with her during the wedding. With the new 2015 wedding dress collection from designer Katya Katya Shehurina, an extra item is no longer necessary, because there you wear the blue in the form of a dress. Yes you’ve read correctly. For the Wedding dresses in blue A delicate, light blue color was chosen which, together with the lace details, gives every bride a girlish look. And it doesn’t always have to be classic white or cream-colored, you don’t think so?

Wedding dresses in blue – delicate sleeves made of lace

wedding dresses in blue design idea shehurina bridal bouquet

The designer was inspired by the nuances of the lakes and the sky. In addition, her wedding dresses in blue were given flowing silhouettes, elegant sleeves and embellished belts, as well as delicate lace details, all of which contribute to a classic style despite the color. But the blue color is far from everything. In addition, there are pieces of fabric in mint, white, peach and other colors. These can be put together individually by the bride and, if desired, result in a colorful and unique combination by simply adding them to the wedding dress.

Wedding dresses in blue with a belt as an accessory

wedding dresses in blue marry belt accent accessory

If you are also looking for an original idea for your dress, one of these wedding dresses in blue is, in our opinion, just right for you. Make your wedding a truly unique experience and be a bride of a different kind to amaze all guests. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Wedding dresses in blue with a delicate veil

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The blue wedding dress is very romantic

fashion bride collection katya light blue wedding dress

Lace details in the wedding dress for a girlish look

wedding dress sleeves long sleeved lace details updo wedding

Wedding dress design by Katya Katya Shehurina

marriage dress ladies bouquet light blue romantic

Long-sleeved wedding dress design in blue from the 2015 collection

wedding dresses in blue delicate flowers meadow updo

Wedding dress in blue with a slim cut

wedding dresses in blue long sleeves design idea katya

Wedding dress for a fairytale bride

bridal fashion design light blue veil updo bridal bouquet

wedding dress white veil park bride design

wedding dress wedding bridal bouquet white lace sleeves

marry wedding bridal gown bouquet lace veil

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A design for wedding dresses by Katya Katya Shehurina.