Wedding dress in red – meaning of the color and tips for brave brides

The wedding dress in red may seem a bit unusual at first glance, but it is nothing new at a wedding. Even in Roman antiquity, women wore a flame-red bridal veil, called a flammeum. The Romans believed that he would bring wealth and love to the wedding couple. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the red color was still popular until Queen Victoria married in a white dress in 1840. Since then, white has been the usual color for the wedding dress. But the red color has been making a comeback for a few years now, when top designers Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang presented red wedding dresses in their couture collections. From orange-red to bright red to wine-red – the color of love is increasingly seen at weddings.

Why is the wedding in white no longer a must??


White traditionally stands for purity, innocence and should signal virginity, especially at the wedding. Because this is not exactly the case today, more and more brides are opting for dresses in fancy colors. A red wedding dress is usually perfect for older women or those who are not getting married for the first time. Even extravagant women who just want to attract everyone’s attention need a dress like this. Model Chrissy Teigen (31), for example, wore a red Vera Wang wedding dress when she said yes to singer John Legend in 2013, and she looked absolutely stunning.

Importance of the color red in different cultures


In many cultures, red has a symbolic meaning and mostly stands for fertility and new life. In Hindu culture, the color symbolizes joy, life, energy and creativity. The main god Brahma, for example, is represented in a robe in red and gold. Red is also the color of the goddess of luck, love, prosperity and beauty Lakshmi. In the Aztec world, red was a symbol of fertility and emotions. The bride wore red feathers on her hands and legs during the ceremony. In China, red was used to celebrate the miracle of the blood bond, marriage. The bride and groom drank from two glasses tied with red string.

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The red color is still an integral part of the wedding tradition in many countries such as India, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey. Many young brides in Taiwan and Korea nowadays choose to have two wedding ceremonies and after the traditional wedding they put on a modern wedding dress in white.

Will a red wedding dress suit me??


The color red not only has to match the bride’s character, but also her color type. When choosing the right shade, you should make sure that it can underline your beauty and the charisma of your personality. That might be tricky as there are more than 26 shades of red. Your motivation: the right shade of red will definitely make you shine!


In general, muted red tones are perfect for blondes, while brunettes should prefer light nuances. The following list should help you with the color choice:

  • Winter type / cool red tones: wine red, dark red, carmine red, ruby ​​red, purple red
  • Summer type / cool muted red tones: fuchsia, bordeaux, cherry red, bright red
  • Spring type / strong warm red tones: coral red, tomato red, poppy red, paprika red, orange red, brick red
  • Autumn type / warm red tones with golden undertones: brick red, copper red, rust red

wedding dress-white-purple-lace-embroidered-top

Choosing the right shade should also take into account the figure of the bride. Light colors are more noticeable and are therefore not suitable for round body shapes. Dark colors, on the other hand, make you slimmer and are well suited for concealing certain problem areas. Another advantage is that this dress can also be used later as an evening dress.

What accessories for a wedding dress in red?

wedding dress-red-bolero-figure-hugging

The other accessories must also be chosen to match the red wedding dress. A well-coordinated color combination of shoes and jewelry is important for the look to be classy and feminine.

If the bridal shoes are also to be red, then both shades of red must be as identical as possible. Alternatively, a second color such as gold or silver can be used as a contrast. Nude is definitely the safe number in combination with bright red. However, one sees the shoes less with floor-length dresses.

When choosing jewelry to wear with your red wedding dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that create a bit of contrast without drawing too much attention. Think of rings, earrings and bracelets rather than necklaces. Gold and silver look classic and can be easily combined with red.

Wedding dress in red and white


However, if you don’t want to do without tradition entirely, you can choose a two-tone dress or combine the white dress with a few red elements. A red belt, a red bridal bouquet or jewelry with red stones, for example, are perfect as a splash of color. White dresses decorated with red lace are particularly elegant and effective. Beautiful applications made of pearls or tulle can also provide a real eye-catcher. The dress shouldn’t have more than two colors.

By the way: A red ribbon on the wedding dress is important for Turkish / Islamic weddings. This should symbolize the virginity. In the course of the evening, gifts of money from guests are attached to it.

wedding dress-red-white-corsage-skirt-two-piece

By the way, two-piece wedding dresses are ideal for brides who want to bring color into play. This offers the perfect opportunity to determine the colors for the two parts yourself. Two-piece wedding dresses look particularly elegant when the top is in the form of a corsage. It conjures up a beautiful cleavage and emphasizes the shoulder area. The skirt can be very different: from short to floor-length, from a figure-hugging design to a sweeping tulle skirt. Anyone who has an eye on the current bridal fashion trends has not missed the fact that another variant of the two-piece wedding dress has become very fashionable: the crop top & Rock combination.

Wedding dress in red for the registry office?

wedding dress-red-white-registry office-knee-length

In order to exchange wedding rings in the registry office, the bride prefers to dress chic but discreet. Simple cuts and plain dresses are preferred. But you can also make your grand entrance with a shift dress. The red color offers the right balance between extravagant and extrachic. And yes, the knee-length shift dress is a great solution.

wedding dress-red-lace-beige-ground