The neon lettering as a wedding decoration provides a touch of retro

Lettering with neon lamps is perfect for the photo shoot at the wedding

If you want to add a touch of retro to your romantic and modern wedding, this new wedding trend is just the right idea. The neon light lettering is back and gives the wedding decoration the necessary pep. But this accent is not only suitable for modern decoration. Any other style can definitely use illuminated lettering. In addition, the decoration with neon tube lettering can also be used in a very practical way for a wide variety of areas and can be individually designed with words, numbers and even characters. If you are interested in this trend, then take a look at our gallery of weddings with neon lettering and see how effective the decoration is. The pictures will surely inspire you and even convince you!

Neon lettering – what can be represented?

Different fonts and colors can be selected

As already mentioned, there are different ways to design a sign with neon lettering. So the only question left is what to choose. Well, in principle, you have to decide for yourself. However, our ideas can be very helpful in making a decision.

The common surname

The neon sign should not be missing at a retro wedding

Nothing makes a new wife prouder than accepting the name of her great love. And vice versa, there is nothing nicer for the groom than finally having a common surname. So it’s no wonder that the last name as neon light is very popular, if not to say the favorite among the variants. And since you can have the neon lettering individually designed, the implementation is also relatively easy. You can present your new surname to the guests with pride and class in beautiful cursive script and any color.

Cool and funny sayings for the neon lettering

Play on words with Till death do us part in red for the extravagant wedding

Another option is to come up with an interesting line. Whether this is more romantic, funny or just casual is up to you. For example, you can choose a quote from your favorite movie, book, or song. Or maybe you have a common saying (an insider) that you would like to let shine. There are also plenty of quotes from well-known personalities that are either sentimental or humorous that can be used.

Neon sign

Minimalist accent for an industrial style wedding with a glowing heart

Characters are also suitable. Signs like the classic heart, a star, geometric figures or whatever else comes to mind are meant. You can either combine these characters with a lettering or leave them alone, which looks more minimalistic. You can also use smaller signs if you want to set up or hang up more than just one sign with neon lettering or signs.

Ideas for decoration with neon lettering

Geometric accents in the form of lanterns and yellow light for the lettering

If you really want to buy neon lettering and use it to decorate the wedding location, the question remains how you can do it. There are different ways to put the neon lettering decoration in the limelight. We have put together some of these ideas for you below.

Tip: Since the neon light with lettering is used as an accent, it is particularly recommended to use it for certain areas or to highlight a certain area with it. If the neon lettering hangs or stands somewhere in the middle of the hall or between the many tables, it is simply lost in the many decorations, which would of course be a shame.

Neon light with lettering for the photo session

Unusual wedding photos with neon light and love lettering

This is a particularly fun idea, because you can use the sign or lettering to take effective wedding photos. Whether as a background or by holding it together, the results are guaranteed to be original. Use your imagination and come up with interesting scenes. The photographer will surely help you with this. If the neon lettering is mainly intended for the shoot, it is worth investing in several models and using them in a variety of ways for the wedding photos. And the best thing is that you can later use this decoration for your home or give it away as a gift.


Several signs with lettering and signs made of neon tubes for the wedding photos

A photo booth is another variant. If you have planned a special area where the guests can be photographed, the neon lettering is a practical accessory to spice up the photos. You are also welcome to attach the neon lamp to a stand with wheels so that you can push it away as you wish. Perhaps not everyone wants a photo with the lettering they choose.

Idea for the wedding altar

Modern with a retro accent - neon lettering as a background during the wedding ceremony

The neon lettering is also great as a background for the wedding altar, because there it can emphasize the unique moment and add a touch of retro to the rest of the decoration. A suitable saying here would be “Until death do us part”. But romantic messages of love are also suitable for this area.

Neon lettering for the bar

Idea for the design of the bar with neon tubes lettering from the name

Where could neon lettering go better than a bar. If you have hired a barman with a bar, you are welcome to hang or attach your sign there. Since a bar is more likely to be associated with a lot of fun and humor, funny sayings are probably best suited here. Alternatively, the initials or the last name of the bride and groom can be chosen.

The bride and groom’s table

Decorate the bride and groom's table with romantic neon lettering and flowers

And since we are just mentioning the bride and groom: The bride and groom’s separate table is another perfect place to put up or hang up neon light. This way, the newlyweds will be highlighted as they should be. Here, too, the names are suitable, but also funny sayings, the neon lettering “Mr. and Mrs. “, as well as characters.

For the bow

Original arch for the wedding with doors and Mr. Mrs. Neon lettering in vintage style

Since the arch can be used in many ways at a wedding, you can not only decorate it nicely with neon lettering, but then also set it up where you want. It usually serves as a background for the altar, but it can also often be found at the beginning of the aisle to the altar. He not only welcomes the bride there. This then appears to the groom as in a frame. The bow is also perfect for shooting and other wedding photos. So take it into consideration when deciding on the right place for a neon sign.

Make neon lettering yourself

Stand with a hanging neon sign made of glass and decoration made of balloons

Lettering from neon lamps can be designed and ordered individually, which of course simplifies the planning of the wedding. However, you also have the option of making neon letters yourself. In this way, not only can you save money, but you also get an original decoration that you can be proud of. If you would like to design neon signs yourself, you can find many instructions on the Internet.

Interesting mirror in moon shape with neon light and floral decoration

Create neon lettering for the wall or a sign using a beautiful sheet of glass as a minimalist background. Such luminous lettering also looks very attractive on wood. If you design the neon lettering yourself, you have the opportunity to try out different variants before deciding on a specific design. Instead, if you have ordered a model, you have to hope that it will ultimately also meet your expectations. A neon lettering as a DIY project is a good and practical alternative.

The names of the bride and groom as a background for different areas

You can also make such an upbeat wedding decoration yourself

Design the altar with a touch of retro thanks to the neon tube

Glamorous wedding decoration in gold with pink neon light in the background

Large vintage style flower wreath with hanging neon glass sign

Background design for the neon sign with exotic leaves

Nicely designed stand for the wedding hall is suitable as a photo booth

Neon lettering for the stone wall at a rustic or Mediterranean wedding

Neon lettering in pink on a brick wall Better Together

Neon lettering Mr. to Mrs. for the bride and groom in white color

Neon lights are not only very attractive in the dark

Rustic wooden board with neon lettering Love and a funny cake decoration

Combine lettering and symbols for even more interesting designs

Sayings and quotes make the decoration with neon tubes even more interesting

Combine tropical and retro flair for the wedding celebration

Vertical garden as background in green with pink lettering Idea Love on the Rocks

Choose quotes for the neon lettering - All you need is love

Design the neon lettering on glass and hang it up in the wedding hall

The neon lettering is also perfect for a boho wedding

The Retro Schirftzug made of neon lights is suitable for every wedding style

The initials in a circle symbolize the wedding rings and everlasting love