Table decoration with hydrangeas – noble wedding decoration with flowers

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Hydrangeas look extremely romantic and gorgeous, which is why they are wonderfully suitable as wedding decorations with flowers. the Table decoration with hydrangeas exudes serenity and its small flowers are particularly decorative. Bouquets of flowers, small pom poms or umbels arranged with other flowers are sure to please everyone involved.

Table decoration with hydrangeas for a wedding in summer

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Hydrangeas bloom from June to August and are usually found in the garden as splendid flowering plants. Suitable types are used for flower decorations and, like roses and orchids, fit any occasion. A table decoration with hydrangeas in blue tones exudes cool serenity and is a beautiful leitmotif for the open-mindedness of the bride and groom. Hydrangeas can be wonderfully combined with other flowers and the play of colors of the different flowers is particularly effective in white vases without decorations. Table runners and cutlery should be colored to match the bouquets on the table.

Table decoration with hydrangeas for floral splendor on the table

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A lush hydrangea table decoration, which is also a great idea for an evening occasion, is put together from bowls filled with rose petals, hydrangea flowers and tea lights. Candlesticks or elegant, elongated vases made of crystal are decorated with hydrangeas and distributed on the table. A table decoration with these flowers always looks beautiful, especially because white and blue shades are combined with each other. The contrast between the two tones makes the table shine.

Hydrangea flowers for noble and sophisticated wedding decorations

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A decoration with hydrangeas for the table goes particularly well with occasions in the classic or somewhat rustic style. But that doesn’t mean they look old-fashioned. The delicate colors of the flowers add to the romantic atmosphere and conjure up an idyll around you. You can set up small bouquets of flowers throughout the room, which will create a wonderful atmosphere with lots of flair. Dried blue or pink flowers can be integrated into the invitation cards or sprinkled over the tables.

Special features make the hydrangea decoration beautiful

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What makes hydrangeas popular table decorations at a wedding is not only their beautiful and imposing appearance, but also their meaning. The flower primarily stands for respect and symbolizes beauty and admiration. The many flowers of the hydrangea are lined up close together and symbolize the deep bond between the newly-baked couple. Although this meaning is no longer widespread these days, the hydrangea used to be given away when you wanted to inconspicuously ask a person whether he was still thinking of a person. The hydrangea is without a doubt a real gem in a bouquet of flowers or as a table decoration at a wedding. The many colors in which the flower is available leave you many design options open. Cream white, pink or soft blue create a dreamlike, beautiful and romantic decoration.

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The flowers of the hydrangea are very dominant and make various arrangements possible that look breathtaking. As far as the choice of color is concerned, you can decorate the festive tables with flowers in the color of your choice or use flowers in different colors. If you want to choose a blooming company for the hydrangea, the interplay of hydrangeas and roses is very harmonious. Create beautiful contrasts by combining different colors. For example, pink hydrangeas paired with yellow or cream-colored roses look nice. Beautiful partners for the white or pastel-colored hydrangeas on the festive wedding table are, for example, flowers with strong colors such as the delphinium. The narrow panicles of the delphinium contrast with the bright balls of the hydrangeas and conjure up a wonderful table decoration.

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If you want to conjure up an unusual, flowery table decoration, you can create a real eye-catcher with green hydrangeas. As a flower color, the green is very refreshing and natural. Tender green as a flower is a good choice if the uniform white should be interrupted at the wedding. The green hydrangea makes for an interesting change and actually goes well with all other colors. You will add a special touch if you pair the main color of the table decoration with green hydrangeas.

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The large, spherical inflorescences of the hydrangeas look simply magnificent and enchanting in a narrow, high vase. In the picture above you can see the beautiful combination of white hydrangeas and cream-colored roses that look great on the purple tablecloth. The hanging crystals give the table decoration a special charm and elegance. The floating candles give off a warm, soft and romantic light that makes the crystal balls sparkle.

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An interesting and pretty combination is created when you pair white hydrangeas with the filigree gypsophila. The flowers look subtle and noble and are suitable for a more rustic table decoration as well as a dreamy, romantic decoration. You can also create an elegant and subtle decoration if you combine the hydrangea umbels in several colors and present them in low vases. The high crystal vase enables undisturbed communication and enables eye contact between the guests. The small vases create a uniform overall picture and create colored accents on the white tablecloth.

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If you want to add more shine to the table decorations at your wedding, you can combine the delicate and noble hydrangeas with silver decorative elements. Square, low vases, which are decorated with glittering stones, present the beautiful hydrangea balls and look luxurious and chic. The name tags fascinate with a similar decoration and round off the elegant table decoration. The mirror under the vases reflects the soft candlelight and the silhouette of the vases. The tall crystal vase presents a great arrangement of pink roses, purple hydrangeas, peonies and gypsophila, which unfold their beauty above the guests’ heads and create a festive atmosphere. With hydrangeas you can create a lush and pompous flower decoration on the festive tables. With these beautiful flowers you can also provide a simple and elegant touch or conjure up a decoration with a touch of vintage.

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