Table decoration ideas for wedding and garden party in coral and lime green

table decoration ideas wedding-garden-roses-bouquet-coral-green-vase-candles-golden-colored candlesticks-cutlery

Summer is approaching and several couples are planning to celebrate their wedding in the garden. If you are looking for the right colors for your garden party, meet with ours Table decoration ideas in coral and lime green a good decision. We will also give you a tip for making a vase decoration with lime slices yourself. Romantic wine glasses made of green glass and gold-plated cutlery set are just some of the noble details in the table decoration ideas shown for your garden party.

Table decoration ideas: wedding in lime green and coral

table decoration ideas plate cutlery-bowl-green-lime-grapefruit-jug-glass-water-bouquet-roses

Coral and the lime green color have their own effects that are based on color psychology. Coral is the warm accent in our table decoration ideas, the little flame that visually warms the garden party. The color consists of red and yellow in specific proportions and can thus indicate that harmony is possible in relationships between different personalities. Your yellow component stands for the mental clarity, for the need for a clearer understanding of the emotions.

Table decoration ideas – color symbols for your wedding

table decoration ideas lime-vase-tablecloth-green

Green is the symbolic color of life. This symbolism arises from the observation of plant growth. It could well represent your attempt to live more sustainably, or simply to love nature – the color duo of coral and lime green in our table decoration ideas would impress all guests of your garden party from the reception.

Green from limes, coral from roses …

table decoration-ideas-plates-cutlery-wine glass-lime-green-coral-rose-cutlery-gold-plated

Now there is no doubt that the most beautiful color palettes are made up of colors from nature. The green color of the limes goes well with the dark-green weeping fig leaves of the bouquet and the apple-green tablecloth. The concept is further enhanced by the motifs of the tableware set. You are immediately enchanted by the green glass from which the water glasses and dessert bowls are made.

A tip for vase decoration with lime slices

table decoration ideas strauss vase-roses-john's wort berries-twigs-lime-green-coral-tablecloth

Many may have admired how this beautiful flower vase design was made without letting the lime slices float freely in the water? Here’s the secret …

Make table decorations yourself-vases-double-wall-water-lime-roses-green-coral-strauss-garden-tablecloth

You need two vases of the same shape with no more than 1.5 cm difference in their sizes. The outer vessel should be made of glass. The material is irrelevant for the interior.

A tip so easy to make yourself

Make table decorations yourself-vases-double-walled-lime-water-green-roses-coral-strauss-tablecloth

After a vessel with double walls has been created as described above, place the sliced ​​limes between the two vases and pour water over them.

The wedding cake – the sweet decoration of the party

table decoration-ideas-wedding-cake-green-lime-coral-roses-table-garden-cake-stand-old gold

Choose a cake stand in old gold for the wedding cake and give the last noble touch to the table decoration of your garden party.

More ideas for accents in coral

table decoration-ideas-grapefruit-citrus-glass-bowl-roses-St. John's wort berries-coral-green-dessert-plate-tablecloth

You can also borrow the warm coral color from halved grapefruit or St. John’s wort berries. This creates a harmony with the gold-plated edges of the dessert plates.

table decoration-ideas-wedding-garden party-coral-roses-vase-green-glass bowls-grapefruit-cutlery-candles

Design the bouquet of roses with St. John’s wort berries and twigs of weeping fig as the optical center of the tables of your garden party.

Cutlery with gold-plated handles – a decorative accent with luxury grace

table decoration-ideas-dessert-plate-lime-green-roses-St. John's wort berries-tablecloth-coral

A bitter preliminary meal for the sweet occasion

table decoration-ideas-lime-dessert-plate-glass bowl-grapefruit-roses-john's wort-tablecloth-cloth napkin

No wedding decoration should be without the tapered candles

table decoration-ideas-wedding-dessert-plate-cake-fork-coral-roses-green-lime-cake-stand-old-gold-candle-cloth napkin

Coral taper candles in golden candlesticks harmonize well with the chosen cake stand in old gold, the edges of the dessert plates and the cutlery.

Limes and roses as a decoration idea on the wedding cake

table decoration-ideas-wedding-cake-make-yourself-decoration-roses-coral-lime-green

Grapefruit halves with flower decorations as a nice dessert

table decoration-ideas-dessert-plate-glass bowl-grapefruit-lime-rose-St. John's wort berries-coral-green-tablecloth

Table decoration harmony in green tones goes best with the garden party

table decoration-ideas-teacup-motif-lime-green-white-tablecloth

Color and shape harmony – the best gesture for popular guests

table decoration-ideas-plate-glass-bowl-green-grapefruit-cutlery-gold color-tablecloth

Citrus fruits – another topic for table decorations for weddings

table decoration-ideas-plates-cutlery-bowl-green-lime-grapefruit-jug-glass-water-bouquet-roses

Accents in coral and lime green – individuality for the garden party

table decoration-ideas-vase-bouquet-roses-lime-coral-green-tablecloth

The color duo of lime green and coral can help you with the design of the invitation cards, place cards and favors.

table decoration-ideas-garden-party-green-table-cover-chairs-wine glasses-strauss-coral-candle-plates