Styling for a wedding in autumn – 3 extravagant and great tips

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If your wedding takes place in autumn, it would be advisable not only to design the decoration accordingly. Your appearance, from the dress and accessories to your hairstyle and make-up, should also match the theme. To help you with this, in this article we have 3 tips for styling Fall wedding put together that you are sure to like.

1. Gothic style shoes for fall wedding

black pumps gothic style fall wedding

These types of shoes are particularly suitable if your wedding takes place on or just before Halloween and you would like to radiate the Halloween atmosphere. As you can see, not only do you have the option of reflecting a specific theme through the decoration, but you can also achieve that with your type of clothing and styling for the wedding. Shoes that are decorated with black lace are particularly pretty. In this way, your look is given a feminine elegance. In general, black shoes are very suitable for styling for a wedding in Halloween or Gothic style and are also very popular. It’s far from the only color you can choose, though.


The colors purple, burgundy red, emerald green and violet are just as suitable. No matter which color you choose, the shoes can also be decorated with various motifs that are typical for Halloween. Such motifs are, for example, skulls, scary eyes, bats, witches and others. Also popular and rather unusual are sporty styles for wedding styling with regard to shoes. Such are, for example, sneaker boots. With them you are guaranteed to make a cheeky impression that will stay in everyone’s memory.

2. A rainy fall wedding

rainy-fall-wedding-bridal-couple-rubber boots-umbrellas

As you can probably imagine, there are many areas in the world that it rains almost every day. There the chance of choosing a sunny day for the wedding is pretty slim, which is why the styling for the wedding should be coordinated with it. But even if you do not live in such an area, there may be times when you are simply out of luck with the weather and rainy weather accompanies your wedding. But that should by no means make you despair. All you have to do is prepare for everything just in case, and in this article we’ll show you a few photos of how you can best do it.

rainy-wedding-rainbow-color-umbrella Fall wedding

What you as a bride and your styling for the wedding Make sure you consider waterproof mascara. As gifts for the guests, you can even prepare raincoats, umbrellas or, why not, chic rubber boots. In principle, you can also turn the bad weather into something fun by designing the decorations for the wedding accordingly and, for example, distributing umbrellas and using them as decoration. Let your imagination run wild and choose a suitable decor and styling for the wedding!


rainy-wedding-bride-bridesmaid-rubber boots

rainy-wedding-decoration-rubber boots-flowers-altar


3. Red lips for the fall wedding


The wedding is exactly the right time to try a more daring make-up for the wedding styling, even if you don’t otherwise dare. We would like to explain to you how you can best paint your lips in a bright red color. However, you should note that if you have red lips you should apply make-up to the rest of the face more discreetly so as not to risk too colorful and therefore excessive make-up. The make-up from red lips for the styling for the wedding looks especially great on the wedding photos. Apply makeup to them in the following ways:

1. Prepare your lips for this Wedding styling by cleansing old skin with a scrub.

2. Frame your lips with an outline pencil or lip liner. The aim of this is to even out any unevenness.


3. The line that frames the lips should cross in the area of ​​the armor arch to shape it.

4. Then you can apply the lipstick. The best way to do this is with a lip brush.

5. Remove any flaws with a concealer.

6. Take a piece of blotting paper. Use this to briefly dab your lips once.

7. Repeat step 2 and frame your lips one more time with either a contour pencil or lip liner.

And yours is elegant and stylish Wedding styling finished off red lips!