Short wedding dresses for a stylish look – models & tips for the bride

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When it comes to bridal wear, the choice is really wide. And we don’t just mean the style, the type of textile and the cut, but also the length. While some prefer the classic long dress associated with a princess and may even consider it a duty to give priority to the long wedding dress, there are also some women who prefer short wedding dresses or who have planned a wedding party where it would be an advantage to wear the wedding dress short. If you belong to the latter group, today’s article is aimed at you. We would like to show you which variants are possible for short wedding dresses and give you some tips so that you are also the perfect bride on your big day.

When are short wedding dresses best suited??

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In principle, you don’t need a special reason to wear an elegant wedding dress short. The fact that you like it is perfectly sufficient. After all, this is your big day and you make the decision! However, there are a few reasons that can help you make the choice, if you are not quite so sure.

On the one hand, the dress is very comfortable to wear and airy if the wedding takes place in the hot summer. While the long wedding dresses undoubtedly look beautiful and princess-like, they can still keep you pretty warm and that is especially the case if you also have an underskirt. You can also flaunt your beautiful legs right away.

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A short wedding dress can also prove to be a better choice when dancing. Your legs are free, there is no crinoline between you and the groom and you can really dance your legs without feeling disturbed by your outfit. And if you are one of those ladies who just love to dance to your heart’s content, this is reason enough to look at and try on short wedding dresses at least once when you go on a search.

Short-length wedding dresses are also very trendy, so it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at your wedding. Nevertheless, many women do not dare to take this step. So that makes a cut like this something special and you do it too. So if you like to be different from everyone else, don’t think twice.

And if you also want to save money when buying the dress, you can hit the bull’s eye with short models. Most of the time, these are much cheaper and therefore a good alternative. After all, much less fabric is needed for them. Even if you are looking for a second dress for the registry office, an inexpensive option like this can be considered. Wedding dresses for civil weddings, which usually take place before church weddings, do not necessarily have to be traditional. But you decide!

The material

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In terms of fabric, the shorter models do not make any difference in choice compared to the long dresses. Short wedding dresses can be made of tulle, but there are also beautiful short wedding dresses with lace for those who celebrate a romantic wedding and want to wear the wedding dress in a short vintage style. If you choose the short wedding dress with lace, you can also choose the amount of lace accents yourself, depending on the model. The entire dress can consist of this unique material, but it can also only be partially decorated with it here and there. How about a top or sleeves or straps made of lace? Or maybe you would rather like some decorative elements for the skirt? Chiffon and silk are also popular fabrics that are no less suitable for a short model than for the long one.

Different models of short wedding dresses

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As I said, the short-cut wedding dresses are very diverse and can be found in a wide variety of styles and designs, so that the right model can be found quickly for every taste and for every wedding theme. We would like to present some possible variants below so that you already have an idea and know what to ask for in the store.

The mini dress


If you want to show off your figure particularly well, the mini dress is the best option for short wedding dresses. Especially the legs are emphasized here, which is why slim and tall women can take advantage of such a model. Since the top is mostly cut tightly and often also consists of a corsage, the waist also comes into its own. The skirt, on the other hand, can be tight as well as wide and is chosen according to the bride’s taste. If you want to emphasize the hips, a tight skirt is a good choice. However, if you want to conceal this, choose a wide model. Usually the total length extends well above the knee. By and large, the look looks girlish to youthful. The dress can be richly decorated at will.

The shift dress


The shift dress, on the other hand, has no or at least very few decorations such as pearls and embroidery or lace. Since these models are very close-fitting and figure-hugging, they are particularly suitable for slim women. The tight cut also makes the ladies look taller, which is why low women can take advantage of it. If you still have some body features that you want to hide, you can also choose a model that is a little wider in the cut.

Short wedding dresses with arm


Sleeves look more girly compared to the elegant straps or shoulder-free variants and give the bridal outfit a special accent. There are also various sleeve models for short wedding dresses. The sleeve can be wider or narrower, only covering the upper arm and leaving the shoulders free or even reaching to the wrists. The interesting thing about such a model is the contrast between the visible legs and the covered arms. If you want a wedding dress with lace, this model is perfect, because sleeves made of lace fabrics look particularly romantic and feminine.

Short A-line wedding dresses


The A-line is the classic among wedding dresses. It is not for nothing that it is also called the Princess Line. The top is usually cut relatively tight up to the waist and then becomes wider and wider at the bottom. And while this is the most common choice for the long models, that doesn’t mean it can’t be for the short variants as well. The skirt then just stays a little shorter, and you can play with the length. Whether as a mini, up to the knees or as a midi skirt does not matter and depends on your taste and also on the style and theme of your wedding.

Choosing wedding dresses short and wide


If you are looking for short wedding dresses for pregnant women, a wide wedding dress may be the best choice. After all, you should feel good, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen. Loose dresses in babydoll style or the playful petticoat can be used for certain vintage themes. Even a boho-chic wedding dress with lace, and more precisely with crochet lace, can have a shorter length and is particularly airy with a wide cut. Wide wedding dresses are loose and casual, but feminine and elegant at the same time and can be combined with any hairstyle.

Wedding dresses short at the front and long at the back


The wedding dress, which is short at the front and long at the back, is called “mullet”. Depending on the cut and decorations, it can be reminiscent of the 50s, but it can also be simple and elegant. Whether with frills, feathers or embroidery, you get a wonderful combination of short and long and make a special figure that attracts everyone’s attention. The long part can optionally reach to the ankles or even to the floor, but just as easily merge into a train, while the shorter, front part can be knee-length or shorter. There are also no rules for the decoration of the top and for the type of straps or sleeves.

The changeable dress


The changeable versions are also a good idea if you cannot decide between short and long or need both at your wedding celebration. Both parts are connected to each other with the help of a zipper or buttons, depending on the model. You are also welcome to wear the wedding dress short for the registry office and later simply turn it into a long one for the church wedding. It already seems that you wore two different dresses for both ceremonies. Or you can wear the long dress during the official wedding and continue the celebration with a more comfortable, short dress. There are even wedding dresses that consist of three parts. This is a corsage and a short and a long skirt.

The shoes for short wedding dresses


Since the legs and of course the feet come into their own when short wedding dresses are chosen, the choice of the right shoes plays a particularly important role here. Of course, they should also be well chosen for a long wedding dress, but short-cut models offer the opportunity to create a special eye-catcher by choosing extravagant shoes. In any case, they should match the style of the dress. Depending on the situation, high heels, but also cute peep toes, are suitable. Boots are also very striking and extravagant. In summer, however, these should be as open as possible. Lace-up boots are also a good idea for more daring women.

Accessories for the bride

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The accessories also depend on the style of the wedding dress. A rockabilly dress, for example, looks wonderful with a fascinator or a birdcage. Depending on the design, any other accessories can also be used as hair accessories. Simple, short wedding dresses look very good with a playful headband. The popular tiara or hair clips with flowers also highlight your hairstyle perfectly and complement the wedding dress.