Rustic DIY wreath and name cards for your winter wedding

Rustic DIY wreath name card winter wedding table decoration

If you are thinking about how to decorate your wedding table in winter, we have some great tips for you! We will show you how you can make a DIY wreath out of rosemary in a rustic style and work out interesting name cards for your guests. Here we have great picture instructions for you to tinker with! This idea actually goes with any rustic style wedding, so we believe you can change it up however you want. You will need sprigs of rosemary, scissors, thread and floral wire.

Fresh DIY wreath made from rosemary branches


First, put the rosemary sprigs in a water bath, then you can work with them more easily. Cut them 10-11 cm long. Gently shape a wreath and use some wire to tie both ends of the rosemary branch together. Once you finish that, cover the wire with string. Then put a little piece of paper on it and write something! For better printing, it is better to use thick paper. Cut them out and give them the finishing touches by curling the paper with a pencil like a curling iron! That’s it! Your rosemary wreath with name cards for your guests is ready! Put them on the plates with cloth napkins and decorate with decorative pumpkins. Isn’t that a great DIY idea?

Gently shape a wreath

DIY-decoration-winter-rosemary-twigs-scissors-twisted flower wire

DIY-rosemary-wreath-with-name-cards-for-wedding guests

Tie both ends of the rosemary branch together with wire


Rosemary wreaths


Decorate wreaths with bows


Roll up the paper with a pencil

Wedding table-winter-self-made-decoration-mini-wreaths-pumpkins

DIY wreath with name cards for your guests

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