Presents for groomsmen – 14 cool ideas for groom’s companions


Organizing a wedding can be very stressful for the newlyweds and is almost unbelievable without the help of the groomsmen, bridesmaids and groomsmen. You will do many of the wedding preparation tasks so that the bride and groom can enjoy a stress-free wedding day. So it would be nice if the bride and groom thanked them with a nice present. In this article we have gathered some great ideas for groom gifts that will surely be appreciated by the groom’s best pals.

Who are the bridesmaids or male bridesmaids at the wedding??


If you are planning a large wedding reception, you can incorporate your best friends into the wedding by using them as bridesmaids and grooms. The bridesmaids are usually the bride’s best friends who perform various wedding preparation tasks. The male counterpart of the bridesmaids are the groomsmen, in English groomsmen, who are elected by the groom. These are usually the brothers and the best buddies who organize the bachelorette party together and accompany the groom at the wedding celebration.

In the past, the bride and groom was the person who led the bride to the altar and protected everyone involved in the wedding from earthly dangers. Nowadays it is usually the bride’s father who leads the bride to the altar, so the duties of the bride and groom have changed. The male bridesmaids now ensure the good mood of the bride and groom and the wedding guests. They help the best man with his duties before the wedding and escort the bridesmaids to the altar on the wedding day.

Exclusive gifts for groomsmen


To thank the male bridesmaids for their help, you as the groom can opt for a great gift. The gifts for groomsmen differ from the wedding favors and should be chosen especially for them. Here you will find many great ideas for every taste and budget, which are suitable for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.

If you like to drink whiskey with your bride and groom from time to time, then this high-quality drink is perfect as a gift. However, we don’t just mean a bottle of whiskey that you can buy in any supermarket, but a special set with good types of whiskey from Scotland. The exclusive set is completed with an elegant whiskey glass and packed in a rustic wooden gift box. Order here


The best man and the bride and groom at the wedding should look as elegant as the groom himself. Therefore, the suit is a must at a traditional wedding. So if you would like to prepare particularly high-quality gifts for groomsmen, you can give them ties and pocket squares for their wedding outfit. You can order a beautiful gift set in different colors with a cashmere scarf, a tie and two handkerchiefs here.

gifts-bridal-guide-accessories-set-wine lovers

This noble gift idea for the male bridesmaids is perfect for wine lovers. The accessory set contains everything a wine connoisseur needs. The different parts are packed in a noble box made of dark cherry wood and can be brought to every party. Order here


The wristwatch is considered a universal gift for men that is suitable for any occasion. Even when choosing gifts for groomsmen, you simply can’t go wrong with a stylish wristwatch. However, if you choose this great model made of wood, you are giving away a unique accessory. Since it is made of real wood, each model differs a little from the other and is therefore unique. This fine oak watch is available here.

gifts-bridal guide-wallet-wristwatch-pen-corkscrew-box

A classic variant of the gifts for groomsmen are gift boxes that contain typical gifts for men. So you can give away several gifts at once if you can’t decide on just one. You can order this beautiful gift set with an elegant wristwatch, practical multi-function knife, stylish wallet and pen here.


Every man should have a practical toilet bag in order to be able to pack his care products in a space-saving manner when traveling. Therefore, the toiletry bag is also suitable as a gift for the bride and groom, which will certainly be used. This noble leather bag has enough storage space for razors, shaving foam, deodorant, shampoo etc. and is available here.


Another cool idea for high-quality gifts for groomsmen is this great grill set. It is no secret that men are considered masters of the grill and therefore every grill master needs the right cutlery. This 16-piece set contains everything you need as tools for grilling and all stainless steel grilling tools are packed in a practical aluminum case. available here

Inexpensive gifts for groomsmen

gifts-grooms-hip flask-stainless-steel-pocket-bottle

If you have multiple bridesmaids at the wedding and the budget is tight, you can opt for cheaper gifts. For example, you can give each of them a cool stainless steel hip flask. It is perfect for barbecues, hiking and parties such as the bachelorette party. You can order this cheap hip flask here.

gifts-bridal-leader-modern-bow tie-wood

The flies made of wood are currently considered a total trend. They are really stylish and also go perfectly with the wedding outfit. So if you want to prepare stylish gifts for groomsmen, then you are definitely right with a wooden bow tie. You get this elegant accessory with two middle pieces made of fabric in a noble color. Order here.


If you want to surprise the male bridesmaids with a small gift as a thank you, tie pins are very suitable for this. The elegant tie pin is always used, especially for men who work in the business world. Here you can order a set with a total of eight tie pins and find a suitable one for every bride and groom.

gifts-bridal-guide-whiskey-stones-cooling stones

This gift is perfect for all connoisseurs who like their drink cold but don’t want to dilute it with ice. The so-called cooling stones ensure that the drink is cool without putting ice cubes in it. They are packed in an elegant box and supplied as a set with tongs, a coaster and a user card. The great present for groomsmen is available here. You can combine this gift with a good cigar.

Personalized gift ideas for the bride and groom

gifts-bridal guide-cufflinks-gift box

If you want to prepare very special gifts for groomsmen, you can make them personalized. Many great gift ideas can be decorated with an individual engraving and thus specially designed for your groomsmen who help with the wedding. Cufflinks are considered a beautiful piece of jewelry for men and also serve to close the cuff. You can order elegant cufflinks with an individual engraving here.


The engraving for a personalized gift for the male bridesmaids can be connected with the wedding as well as purely personal. For example, you can have a small thank you and the wedding date, or simply the name of the bride and groom engraved. You can order a stylish lighter with an individual engraving here.


Almost every man likes to drink beer and would look forward to his own beer mug. That’s why you can order personalized beer mugs as gifts for bridesmaids, which are decorated with the name of each of your companions at the wedding. You can order beer mugs made of stone with a custom engraving here.