Organize a gorgeous green wedding – 40+ ideas and inspirations

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Every year new wedding trends pop up on the internet and in the many bridal magazines that keep inspiring wedding planners and future brides. A green wedding is actually much more than just another color trend – it connects people with nature in a particularly beautiful way. The shade of green is very refreshing, symbolizes peace, hope and of course a life in harmony with nature. The best time to get married is in the garden or in the barn in summer and beautiful, fresh and green leaves and twigs create the perfect festive atmosphere! Are you looking for inspiration for your big day? Then read on – in this article we will show you how to best organize your dream wedding. From invitation cards to wedding arches to the perfect table decorations – everything is included!

Organize green wedding

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“Greenery” was chosen two years ago by the “Pantone” color institute as the trend color of the year and has a pretty strong symbolic power – the new beginning. The symbolism is also associated with a wedding in a special way, since it is nothing other than the beginning of a new phase of life for the couple. Hence, Greenery is a perfect fit for a green wedding. It’s wild, stylish, elegant, fairytale and gives your big day that certain something. In this wedding trend, most brides forego the floral decorations and opt for an opulent green instead. The combination with white looks particularly elegant and puristic and it can be combined excellently in all wedding styles. Another advantage of the wedding trend is that it can be implemented fairly cheaply at any time of the year.

Which is the perfect location for a green wedding?

Greenery wedding rustic in the garden plan table decoration foliage trends

Greenery means something like green and leaves and describes the general trend back towards the natural. For a green wedding, the return to sustainability and naturalness should be the focus. Various leaf and tendril motifs are a special highlight that gives your wedding location a natural and spring-like look. The color can be combined with white, earth or gold tones, for example. In this way you can combine several trends in one and in this way spice up the design even more. Since a Greenery wedding should preferably take place outdoors, your own garden, forest, park or even the beach are the perfect places for it. Would you rather celebrate inside? Then you should opt for a simple ballroom or a rural barn. The color undoubtedly rounds off every wedding, but it is especially suitable for the warm summer and spring months.

The right wedding dress for your green wedding

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Of course, your wedding dress can also be perfectly staged at Greenery. A simple, casual wedding dress in white or beige tones harmonizes perfectly with the green color accents. Ethnic dresses with lots of glitter elements, for example, go particularly well, or if you like things a little more daring, you can also choose a cropped model. Here you have the option of a green hair band made from leaves, green shoes and of course a fairytale-like, green bridal bouquet with many delicate flowers in pastel shades. All of this ensures a natural, harmonious and extremely elegant bridal look. A messy bun hairstyle and subtle eye make-up complete your look completely.

Lots of decoration inspiration for a Greenery wedding

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The green color is a very flexible component of wedding decorations and is not only suitable for delicate, white nuances as a harmonious background. It goes just as well with stronger colors and is ideal for a celebration in a rustic style. When it comes to decorations, there are absolutely no limits to you at a green wedding. In general, however, naturalness and simple elegance should be in the foreground. How about, for example, nice wooden chairs with pink or green tulle or large glass vases with green wreaths? Or green tendril and flower motifs with gold lettering for your white invitation cards? Green fairy lights or garlands also look fantastically beautiful. Many small potted plants or succulents create the perfect minimalist table decoration and round off the whole design perfectly. Small tealights or candle holders placed on a table runner create an even more romantic atmosphere.

Green wedding planning wedding arch boho look greenery trend

What should not be missing at any wedding is of course a beautiful and richly decorated wedding arch. Especially for a green wedding, you can let your imagination run wild and get very creative. Keep the arch very classic by simply decorating a wooden frame with different flowers. Or create a complete wall of flowers and leaves – this is sure to create a WOW effect. A wedding arch is not only suitable for the wedding altar, but also makes the ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. Or how about using it as a pretty decorative element for a dessert table?

Flower decoration for the green wedding

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Since a green wedding usually uses leafy green instead of flowers, it is the perfect choice for all newlyweds who have to pay attention to their budget. It is even cheaper if you find everything yourself directly from nature. In this way you can arrange the whole decoration according to your own wishes and achieve a wildly romantic and personal wedding design. Beautiful forest ferns, elegant ivy tendrils and a wide variety of fir branches, which are also suitable for a celebration in winter, can be found in almost every forest. Another advantage of a Greenery celebration is that, in contrast to the flowers, the leaf green is independent of the season and therefore always tailored to your celebration.

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At the moment, eucalyptus and silver leaf are among the most popular trend plants for wedding decorations. Therefore, of course, the price for these beautiful, grayish shimmering branches has risen. Sage or rosemary would be a great alternative. Do you want something more exotic and dream of a boho wedding? Then you can also use palm or banana leaves. You don’t have to do without flowers completely at a green wedding – the delicate blossoms can also be used to set wonderful accents in the decoration. White flowers such as roses in combination with eucalyptus leaves are perfect for a noble wedding in the garden. Flowers with bright colors, on the other hand, harmonize better with exotic leaves.

Hanging decorations are real eye-catchers

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Hanging decorations such as lanterns or large wreaths look like a fairytale and give your wedding celebration a wonderfully beautiful boho look. But since a lot of flowers are usually needed for this, it can be quite expensive. Slightly cheaper and just as good-looking are plants that are naturally pendulous and lush. Ivy tendrils are perfect for this. A Greenery style wedding allows you to get creative yourself. Various garlands made of leaf green have been very popular in recent years, look really stylish and you can even tie them yourself.

DIY decoration for your green wedding

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Creating various decorations from foliage yourself is quite easy and at the same time has a special effect. It looks beautiful and adds a personal and unique touch to your wedding. Because the leaves don’t wilt as quickly, you can even do this task a few days earlier. A green bow is perfect for the wedding arch, as a curtain or simply as a table or chair decoration. All you need are a few green twigs, some gypsophila, a nice bow and thin floral wire with which you can then tie the whole thing together.

Planning a green wedding in the garden Simply make upcycling ideas yourself

Another and very easy DIY idea is to collect some large and beautiful leaves and use them as name cards or signs for the drinks bar. With some floral wire and green twigs, you can also make wonderful and inexpensive table numbers. Since the greenery trend symbolizes the connection to nature, everything that is natural is suitable as decoration. A self-built bar from old pallets or old wine barrels fits perfectly with the whole concept.

Greenery wedding – ideas for the wedding cake

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Of course, you don’t have to go without an incredibly delicious cake at a green wedding. Here, too, the foliage cannot be missing. Simply have the wedding cake decorated with individual leaves or use small flowers and succulents.

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