Marriage proposal with engagement ring –130 beautiful designs part 1

Ring white gold dark blue gemstones diamond square 2 carat

Summer is just the right time for a romantic Marriage proposal with engagement ring – whether during your vacation on the beach, or during dinner by candlelight, at home or in a restaurant. The possibilities are practically endless. These ideas help to ensure that there is a nice surprise for that special woman:

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – here are some cool ideas

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Here come some cool ideas for romance Marriage proposal with engagement ring:

– Have the two of you draw a drawing and write the marriage proposal on it.

– At a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant – celebrate with a cake that is labeled with the words “Marry me”.

– On the plane – surprise the woman of your life with a romantic marriage proposal.

– Download the marriage proposal to your iPod

Let yourself be inspired by these ideas, maybe you can come up with something creative!

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – the preparation

Ring brilliant large karate adornments setting stones

After you have already brainstormed and found the right idea for a beautiful marriage proposal, all that remains is to implement it. A beautiful engagement ring is simply a surprise. In the past you bought two engagement rings, nowadays more and more men prefer to buy just one ring for the woman of your life. The engagement ring can be made of white gold, gold or silver and decorated with precious stones. It is worn on the left hand.

And anyone who wants to plan a really special surprise can do one Marriage proposal with engagement ring from jewelers like Tacori do. The noble pieces of jewelery are just perfect for the special occasion – they are made of white gold and decorated with diamonds. Subtle details like the round shape of the stones symbolize the infinite love and the new life with the partner.

Nice gift for the woman of your life

Ideas wedding proposal which ring around brilliant

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The value of a diamond is related to criteria such as color, symmetry, polishing and depth

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