Make wedding table numbers yourself – 6 quick DIY instructions

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So that the guests at your wedding can find their seat quickly and easily and you do not want to hire a distributor for this purpose, it is advantageous to put up a list at the entrance of the hall, which gives each guest their table number. To make this system complete, the table numbers must of course not be missing on the tables. And that’s exactly why there are various variants to match the rest of the decorations for the table and to achieve a beautiful overall picture. You can also save costs if you simply make the table numbers for the wedding yourself. We have put together some beautiful models that can be imitated by inexperienced hobbyists in just a few steps.

Vintage style wedding table numbers with chalkboards

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If you want to make it particularly easy for yourself, use simple boards that you label with the respective numbers. Such mini bars already have the necessary vintage flair. However, you can also make them a little more individual by providing them with stands and colors and combining them with self-designed lanterns. Maybe you will find finished boards on stands. If not, just get both extra and glue the board to the stand. You also need glass lanterns with a matching design, pretty fabric, all-purpose paints in any color and fresh or artificial flowers. If you choose real flowers, get them on the day of the wedding at the earliest or choose ones that you can dry.

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If your boards have a wooden frame, you have the option of coloring this together with the stand. As a precaution, tape up the board yourself so as not to stain it with paint. The lanterns can also be painted. After the paint has dried, the glass can be carefully sanded here and there to create an attractive shabby look. Wrap a piece of fabric around each lantern and put a tealight in each. Glue the stands to the boards and then place them like a lid on the lantern. As soon as all guests are seated, the table numbers for the wedding can simply be removed from the lantern and the candle lit. All that remains is to label the board with each table number and your table decoration with wood is ready. If you cannot find any boards with frames, you can also design the table numbers for the wedding with picture frames.

Luminous number on wood

table-numbers-for-the-wedding-fairy lights-wood-inspiration-easy-tinker

This variant is a little more complex for table numbers made of wood. You will need a square wooden board, nails (preferably made of copper), two battery-operated fairy lights, wood varnish, double-sided tape and a hammer, drill and templates for the numbers. Paint the wooden board in any color. While the varnish is drying, prepare the stencil. Prepare holes in the paper. You then transfer this to the board by placing the template on the wooden board and simply poking through the holes with a pencil. These markings should therefore be approximately evenly spaced from one another. Now hammer the nails into the board. They should all be about the same depth in the board and not come out on the back.

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Determine where the fairy lights should come out of the board and mark the places. Drill holes in these areas. Now you can first drill each string of lights through the hole from behind and then wrap it around the nails. This should create a nice pattern and not a chaotic jumble. You hide the switch button on the back of the board by sticking it with double-sided tape. The first of these attractive wooden wedding table numbers is ready to be set up.

Make table numbers for wedding with candles


With the help of wax paper, tissue paper, a heat gun and a nice colored or felt pen, you can turn simple candles into beautiful place numbers for the wedding table. All you have to do is use numbers to decorate the candles. You can choose the color of the candles yourself. Please note, however, that this must also match the color of the tissue paper and that you then also have to use a pen to write on, which can be clearly seen on the colored napkin. So the easiest way to work is with a white candle. Also have stencils ready for the numbers.


Cut out a small piece of tissue paper that is as long as the candle is tall. The width itself does not matter. This depends entirely on the size of your number. Put the paper on top of the first of the numbers. Since the paper is relatively transparent, the number is easy to see and can now be traced on the tissue paper with the chosen pen. Finally, check that the number is completely colored in. You can then cut off the excess paper around the number. Then cut out a piece of wax paper that you will wrap around the candle after placing the number on the candle. While holding the wax paper in place, heat the candle a little with the heat gun. The wax begins to melt and the tissue paper picks up. Before removing the wax paper, make sure you have heated all areas of the tissue paper. Remove the wax paper and let the candle cool. The number is perfectly sealed by the wax.

Table number holder for the wedding made of cork

table-number-wedding-rustic-decoration-cork-card-linen-table runner

You can get cork wedding table numbers extremely easily and quickly. For each number you need eight corks, which you can then decorate with thread or a ribbon. If you would like to make these table numbers for the wedding yourself, simply glue the corks together as shown. The upper area should be left out so that the card can still be inserted. Then tie some twine around the corks and let the glue dry well. In the meantime, you can complete the table numbering for the wedding by either writing on the cards freely or by printing them out.

Wedding table numbers – ideas for last minute decorations


If you have decided to number the tables at the last moment, you need a quick handicraft idea. And what could be more appropriate than this unique idea. Numbers made of thread are simply glued onto simple wooden boards of any size. This DIY idea really works for everyone and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you like, you can paint the wood colored or use a nice ribbon or even lace instead of thread. The design can therefore be varied without any problems.

Wedding table numbers made from DIY cards and lanterns


Or how about simply using ready-made decorations and objects and adding self-made cards to them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lanterns, as in this example. Other types of lanterns or even a simple bouquet of flowers, a vase and the like are suitable for this purpose. You can get particularly fast cards if you simply paint cardboard pieces with blackboard paint and then write on them with chalk or a chalk marker.