Make an extraordinary wedding cake with a watercolor effect

Wedding cake extraordinary -watercolor-pink-peony-watercolor-fondant

You usually look for a wedding cake very, very rarely, maybe once in a lifetime, so it should be really special and individual. You can bake them yourself or at least decorate them, that’s how you get them Wedding cake extraordinary designed and that one has always dreamed of. At least you can give it a try using our tips, and if it isn’t for you, at least have some fresh ideas.

Make a wedding cake extraordinary with a watercolor effect

Wedding cake extraordinary -watercolor-watercolor-brush-flowers-painting-sample

Delicate pastel colors and floral motifs are very popular among the ladies, as they appear fine and feminine and can be perfectly combined with the rest of the decoration at the wedding. These are wonderfully suitable as decorations on the wedding cake.

Paint the wedding cake in an extraordinary way – use edible colors

Exceptional wedding cake -watercolors-edible-paint-mixing-brushes

Of course, when it comes to food decoration, only edible colors are used. You can find these in specialist shops that will surely help you to create a real edible masterpiece.

Decorate a wedding cake in an extraordinary way – instructions

Wedding cake extraordinary -watercolour-instructions-without-painting-brush-gold-leaf

We present a simple technique to achieve the desired and top modern water color effect without having to be a real artist. First of all, you need a fondant cake – you can also get it ready-baked and order it clad in white fonadnt.

White fondant as a good basis for the watercolor effects

wedding-cake-exceptional-watercolor-instructions-white-fondant-cake-put on it

If you already have a white, smooth, fondant-coated surface, you can get hold of the rest of the useful supplies:

Make wedding cakes extraordinary – get the right materials


  • Food colors with gel consistency
  • edible gold leaf
  • clear vanilla extract
  • Dab brush
  • soft sea sponge
  • Paper towels
  • a glass of water

Dissolve each color in a separate, flat plate

wedding-cake-extraordinary-watercolor-instructions-edible-colors-sea sponge

Drip small amounts of each color into a separate, white, flat plate and add 1/4 teaspoon from the vanilla extract. Dip the sea sponge in a glass of water and wring it out until it is only slightly damp.

Add a few drops of vanilla extract to each color


Drip in a small amount of the vanilla extract in the small bowl and dip the brush into it.

Decorate a wedding cake with a watercolor effect without painting

wedding-cake-extraordinary-watercolor-instructions-sea sponge-dab-brush-color

Dip the sea sponge in one of the colors and, with light pressure, dab the color on the fondant surface. Take the brushes with clear vanilla extract and use them to carefully distribute the paint so that it becomes thinner and slightly transparent. This creates the desired watercolor effect.

Achieve a watercolor effect with dots


To remove the excess amount of vanilla extract, use the paper towel, which absorbs the liquid immediately.

Make wedding cakes extraordinary and individual


Treat the rest of the area in this way and create the soft transitions that are so characteristic of the watercolors.

Decorate a wedding cake in an extraordinary way – with edible gold leaf


If the surface is still sticky from the vanilla extract, bring the edible gold leaf in small, fine pieces. To place it correctly you can use the tip of the brush handle.

Decorate according to your own taste – small accents in gold


Make sure that the fondant gives way easily and that unpleasant bumps could arise.

Press the gold leaf very lightly and carefully


To avoid pushing the gold leaf too deeply, insert your fingers. -this is how you get the right idea and feeling.

Create a wedding cake in an unusual color without painting it properly


The cake takes 30-45 minutes to dry completely before serving.

More ideas for delicate watercolor decorations on wedding cake without painting

wedding cake-extraordinary-watercolor-fondant-cream-white-delicate pink-fine-tender

You can also achieve a watercolor effect using the napkin technique, but from fine layers of fondant in delicate pastel colors. Decoration with sugar flowers or real ones underlines the romantic effect.

Watercolor effect on the wedding cake 


Watercolor effects are created by the colors merging into one another with soft transitions between nuances that dissolve. This is achieved by using very dilute paints that have to be applied in thin layers.

Decorate the wedding cake with delicate sugar flowers

wedding-cake-extraordinary-watercolor-flowers-gold-pink-decorated-peacock feather

Fondant cake is trendy today. Decorated with real flowers or those made of sugar becomes a real eye-catcher that tastes wonderful and looks great at the same time.

Creative decoration for wedding cake without painting


Abstract design of the wedding cake with edible colors looks particularly individual and extraordinary. The combination of colors is crucial here. It should be coordinated with the rest of the decoration in terms of color and style.

Paint floral motifs on the wedding cake – delicate blossoms and flowers 

wedding-cake-extraordinary-watercolor-flower-fondant-white-light green

Designing a wedding cake by hand creates a real work of art. Each painted cake is unique and there is a lot of work behind it. If you want to conjure one up yourself, do a test beforehand. It shouldn’t be a multi-tier cake, but one layer covered with fondant is more than enough.

3D effect by combining painted and sugar flowers 

wedding cake-extraordinary-watercolor-floral-delicate-white-pastel-colors

Start your project on the first try. Look for a suitable motif – a beautiful flower or plant that looks good in decorative terms, and try to recreate it with watercolors. Make sure that the colors should be very diluted and that the right effect is created.

Effective and extraordinary four-tier wedding cake with orange watercolor effects


Figures made of sugar and fondant will wonderfully complement the artistic wedding cake and give the final slump.

Wedding cake with funny charm – couple and their dog


This wedding cake is not only extraordinary, but a real work of art with a slightly humorous charm. Watercolor effects and sugar flowers add a romantic touch, the suitcase on the first floor of the cake stands for the adventurous setting for the life of the future couple and at the top, at the top of the four-tier wedding cake, there are small caricature replicas of the couple with theirs dog.

Monet inspired wedding cake decorated with water lilies 


If you’re looking for inspiration for your extraordinary wedding cake, take a look at your favorite works of art and paintings. Expressionist landscapes add a romantic touch and are a real source of inspiration.

* You will find the complete instructions for the extraordinary wedding cake with watercolor effect decoration here