Interesting ideas for table decorations as wedding decorations

table decoration as a wedding decoration beach style vintage flower arrangements

Weddings are fun and beautiful, but they can also be stressful and extremely expensive. There are many things to take care of and although the decor and the Table decoration as wedding decoration are not the most important thing about the wedding, they make everything so much more beautiful. It is for this very reason that they must be chosen carefully and still you cannot spend a fortune on the decorations. So it’s a great idea to just make them yourself. For inspiration, we’ve got some great DIY examples of them in this article Table decoration as wedding decoration, who can help you.

the Table decorations as wedding decorations Lanterns

lantern white decoration board glow romantically colorful

One particularly neat idea is to use lanterns as Table decoration as wedding decoration to use. This is a great way to create a vintage look and cozy atmosphere. And the candles themselves make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate. The advantage over using only candles is that the lanterns are much safer and, above all, a better choice for outdoor reception. Take a look at the examples and convince yourself of their advantages.

Table decoration as wedding decoration – A lantern with flower arrangements

lantern black rustic retro vintage floral decoration autumn

Combine the lanterns with flower arrangements for a vintage style

lantern candle vintage decorate yellow flowers

Simple decor for elegance

elegance tall glasses candles floral decoration reception

Use candles for table decorations as wedding decorations

Lanterns are safe and should be considered especially when children are present, but candles also have their advantages if they are for them Table decoration as wedding decoration be used. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to create a romantic and stylish look, you can take a glass bowl filled with water and put floating candles in it.

glasses candles swim flowers water table decorations

Candles create a very romantic mood 

ideas decoration floating candles flowers romance diy

Floating candles in a large vessel decorated with flowers

bowl fruit glass decorated fruit vegetables

See-through bowls for a more elegant and sophisticated look

bowl peach fruit orange flowers glass bowl

Use bowls of fruit

If you prefer something more plain and simple, you can just take a bowl and fill it with fruit. You can arrange the fruits themselves in a variety of ways and make a beautiful one Table decoration as wedding decoration obtain. Use different fruits and combine the colors, shapes and textures. It would be like having flower arrangements, only that the flowers are replaced with fruit. It’s simple and fun at the same time.

Lemon citrus yellow bouquet fruit bowl decorations

Play with the shapes and colors for an impressive table setting

wooden vases rustic style disc neutral colors

Combine natural materials and add a green accent

table decoration rustic flowers candles wedding

Trust in vintage and rustic style

Decorations and especially too Table decoration as wedding decoration in vintage style have something unique about them. You can change the whole atmosphere and make it look elegant, romantic and lovely. There are many different ideas that you can use in case you have decided to create a rustic or vintage style table setting for your wedding reception. You need to think about the colors, materials, and the overall look.

reception mason jars flowers pink decoration marriage

Use old bottles or mason jars for the flower arrangements

radio retro vintage wedding mason jar vase roses

Set accents with retro items

glass bowl accessory table decoration floating water

DIY table decorations as wedding decorations

Another great way to save money and make sure you get the Table decoration as wedding decoration as pleasing as they are on your reception is to simply do them yourself. There are many different DIY projects that you can try, and you can also ask your friends to help you too. You will enjoy it and you will have the opportunity to influence how the decor will ultimately look.

DIY candles decorated in a retro rustic atmosphere

table centerpieces lace decorated mason jars purple pink flowers

Candles, dried flowers, clear vases or fabric 

Create a unique table decoration from such materials.

pink roses glasses table number place card

Create vases from recycled containers and fill them with flowers

vase bronze dried flowers blue white mason jar

table decoration red orange candles bouquet wedding

spring decoration candles rustic colorful flowers

DIY bouquet pink pink white decorate

rustic wedding summer lantern bouquets happy mood

romantic deco lantern retro tableware vintage romantic

table decoration as a wedding decoration pink peonies candles delicate dishes

table decoration as a wedding decoration lantern cage purple flowers white idea

table decoration as wedding decoration blue design white flowers glass plate

table decoration as a wedding decoration vintage peonies picture frame accent table candle