How to save money when arranging flowers at the wedding


The wedding is already planned and now it comes to the arrangement of the decoration. A difficult task, because such a decoration needs a lot of flowers, mostly real ones, and they are delicate and fragile, do not last long and then there is the seasonal problem.

7 creative ways to save money when arranging flowers for your wedding


Are you looking for an opportunity at Flower arrangement To save money? Find out 7 creative ways how you can achieve this.

1. Choose your own flowers when arranging flowers


Collect or buy your own wildflowers and make your own Flower arrangement Creating can really save you a ton of money and is probably the easiest way to go. However, it is not recommended for everyone and is only recommended if you have friends and family who agree to help design the bouquets on your wedding day. It looks easier than it actually is, and you’ll have enough other things to do that day besides doing some freesias before the ceremony. It is also important that you have realistic expectations in this case. In case you want the bouquets and that Flower arrangement look like out of the flower shop, consider hiring someone.

Advantages: wildflowers, or rather, the neighbour’s flowers are free

Cons: The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is designing the flowers

2. Have your bridesmaids wear something other than a bouquet of flowers


There is no rule that says that the bridesmaids or even the bride herself have a bouquet or one Flower arrangement must carry while she walks to the altar. Instead, give them pinwheels, fans, parasols or whatever else you can think of.

Advantages: Ensures a good mood at the wedding

Cons: Not always the most appropriate choice for traditional weddings

3. Choose flowers that are available in your home country at the time of the wedding, ie that are in season


If you are determined that you want flowers at your wedding, then go for that Flower arrangement those that are in season at this time. This can save you money. So there is no point in dreaming of beautiful bouquets of peonies if you get married in December. Of course, your florist can get them for you, but you will have to pay a premium for them. And what if there are cheaper alternatives? Which flowers are in season depends entirely on where you live. So consult with your florist to find out which variants are best for you Flower arrangement stand open.

Advantage: You save money and are environmentally friendly at the same time

Disadvantage: you can’t always get what you want

4. Use less expensive and non-traditional items


By using things that are out of tradition like fruits, spices, and vegetables, you have the option Flower arrangement and making bouquets that are a lot cheaper. If you really want to bring in a certain flower, then try to use only one or two flowers at a time and replace and decorate the rest of the bouquet with lots of interesting and at the same time much cheaper binding green. A common trend at the moment is to choose individual elements instead of entire arrangements for the bouquet. Bouquets and that Flower arrangement Made from gypsophila, lavender, wheat and even cabbage, for example, appear more and more often in wedding forums these days.

Pros: They are suitable for very unique and specific arrangements

Disadvantages: Some plants and materials are becoming more and more modern and therefore also more expensive

5. Consider a terrarium, plants, or other table setting alternatives


Regarding that Flower arrangement For table decorations at the wedding, it is a great way to save money by choosing terrariums instead of cut flowers or simply using planted, live plants. You can easily design such types of table decorations yourself. And best of all, you can design them several days in advance of the wedding, so you won’t be busy doing it yourself on your big day. So that you can save money when choosing which containers you can look for them in a department store, a one-euro store or at a flea market.

Advantages: The guests will almost want to take the table decorations home with them

Cons: Another item on your to-do list

6. Choose a flower arrangement from individual flowers


When it comes to that Flower arrangement is what is simple, modern. At rustic, chic weddings it is currently popular to use individual flowers in a vase or to put several flowers together in random groups.

Pros: It’s easy

Cons: Maybe too easy?

7. Use bottles


By having multiple bottles for that Flower arrangement put together, you can make a great impression with your wedding decoration. Collections made from bottles can also match your theme. For example, you can choose bottles of a specific color to match the rest of the decor, or you can start a collection of vintage-style bottles to match a rustic theme. Bottles can for that Flower arrangement can also be hung up if there is not enough space on the tables.

Pros: Easily found in flea markets and department stores to start a collection of vintage bottles

Cons: If you don’t like collecting old things, buying new bottles can be very expensive

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