Geometric cake for wedding – unusual, great ideas

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When choosing the Cake for wedding the possibilities are undoubtedly infinite. Still, most brides prefer the classic style with decorations made of flowers or ornate embellishments. Today we offer you another, modern variant, namely wedding cakes with a geometric design. The geometric wedding cake is especially a great idea if you are planning a modern wedding that should be original. Don’t think now that they all look strange or boring, because there are an incredible number of ways to create a unique cake design, from peppy shapes, to triangles, to zigzag and angle shapes. So that you can get a better idea and be inspired, we have some examples of geometric wedding cakes for you in this article. Convince yourself of their great side and impress your guests.

Geometric cake for wedding

Cake, wedding, beeswax, plain white flowers

Who is a rather simple one Cake for wedding wishes in white, receives a beautiful honey cake with a bee image, hand-painted.

Mosaic on the cake for wedding

Cake-wedding-three-tier-yellow-redInspiration from a pastry artist is this again Cake for wedding with geometric mosaic details.

A colored variation

Cake -for- wedding- triangular- shapes-colorful

Colorful and playful

Wedding cake - unusual - triangle - black - red - blue

Three shapes in one

Wedding cake unusual three shape flower

Almost like wallpaper on the wall

Wedding cake - colorful - unusual - three-tier mosaic

Triangles in all directions


Flying dragon cake

Wedding cake - unusual - flying dragon - black - white

For futuristic lovers

Wedding cake - unusual - futuristic - space shuttle - silverWedding cake with straight lines

Cake- wedding-unusual- geometric-straight- lines

Wedding cake as a purple dreamWedding cake -gold- pyramids-silver- blue

A special cake

Wedding cake-unusually-large-pyramid-yellow-blue

Waterfall inspiration

Wedding cake -unusual- light- gold-flowing-lines

The magician is looking for his hat

Cake -for -wedding- unusual- hat-shape-three-tier

Cake as a chandelier

Wedding cake -unusual - chandeliers-different-shapes

For party lovers

Cake for wedding unusual lounge dark cubes

Wedding cake - unusual - party mood - full color

Wedding cake - unusual - pyramids - flowers

Wedding cake - unusual - square - heart-colored

Wedding cake -unusual-design- round- prickly flower

Cake - wedding - traditional - round - gray - white

Wedding cake -unusual- box-shape -cage

Wedding cake - unusual - hexagonal - shapes

Wedding cake-unusual-cube-flower-blue-purple

Wedding cake - design - unusual - cube - playfully designed

Wedding cake -unusual- zigzag- lines-pink

Wedding cake - unusual - two-part - candle shape flowers