Flowers for the wedding – helpful tips for the bridal bouquet

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The flowers are sometimes the first thing wedding guests notice. This is why it is so important that these are chosen and arranged correctly. Flower expert Michael Gaffney of the American Schools of Flower Design has a few tips to help you with the Flowers for wedding Save money.

The proportions of the flowers for the wedding – trust in more green


A good and acceptable option for the Flowers for wedding Saving money is by using fewer flowers and more greens in return. The cut green is not as expensive as the flowers themselves. Please choose smaller, but more conspicuous bouquets. The larger and more awkward the bouquet is, the more expensive it is. If you are one of the price-conscious brides, you should consider choosing less elaborately designed flowers for the wedding. Instead, use flowers such as the Zantedeschien, which make a strong impression.

Limit the decorations to the flowers for the wedding

white- Zantedeschia- less- jewels- wedding- bouquet

Some future brides like to add feathers, jewels, and gemstones to their bouquets to make them look more glamorous. But this also increases the total price of a bouquet. To avoid that, you can use the Flowers for wedding emphasize with cheaper variants, such as bows and ribbons made of satin.

Focus on the colors

bouquet of white and pink roses

Many brides insist on a particular flower, such as the rose, hydrangea or peony, for their bridal bouquet and floral arrangements. Instead of focusing on the flower, however, you should pay more attention to the diverse color palette. Ask your florist to design your wedding flowers to suit both your preferences and your budget.

Caring for the flowers for the wedding

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In order for your flowers to last through the wedding day, you need to be well hydrated. You can freshen them up by soaking them upside down in water as soon as you receive them. The water coats the flowers, making them last longer. For the wedding, put the flowers in the water as soon as possible.

Helpful tip for the bouquet

yellow lily flowers for the wedding

In order to keep the flowers alive and beautiful for as long as possible, clean and cut them every day. As soon as you receive the flowers, cut 7 cm from the stems and soak them in water. The paper they are wrapped in should not be removed until they are set up.

Ask your florist for advice

white roses yellow flowers for the wedding Every flower is different. So ask your florist how the flowers have been handled and what you can do to extend their lifespan.

Fall wedding

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Midsummer time


Stylish in purple color

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