Fall Wedding Trends – Planning a Trendy Wedding

Trends of the fall-wedding-2014-deco-hairstyle-more

If your wedding takes place in autumn, you are probably already busy planning or even making the final preparations. But it’s definitely not too late, some great ones Fall wedding trends and in this article you will also learn which ones are:

1.  Fall wedding trends –  Flower wreath as a hair ornament

flower wreath-hair accessories-bridal-hairstyle-pastel colors

Choose flowers and colors for him that go with your wedding dress as well as the rest of the wedding decorations.

flower-wreath-hair accessories-bride-wedding-summer-autumn

flower-wreath-hair accessories-bridal-hairstyle-veil

floral wreath hair accessories bridal bohemian style

2. Different dresses for the bridesmaids


This way, each bridesmaid can show off their own style. This is possible thanks to the many fabrics, colors, patterns and floral decorations that are offered nowadays. Be unique as a bridesmaid.




3. Neutral colors as Fall wedding trends

neutral-color-peach trends for autumn weddings

Choose cute and natural colors, such as white, ivory or a delicate rose. You can also combine these with stronger colors such as blue, gold and black for more pep.


neutral-color trends of the fall wedding lace details

4. Cultural details


If you have another nationality, you will definitely want to add a few accents that reflect your culture. If that is the case, you will be pleased that this is the case Fall wedding trends heard. You have several options for this. You can design the wedding decoration accordingly or choose traditional dishes. If both partners have their own culture, two weddings can be organized that reflect the traditions of both cultures.



5. Romantic outdoor weddings


Create a wedding like in a fairy tale. Provided the weather cooperates, you can organize the wedding celebration in a garden. Who wouldn’t be happy about fresh air, sunshine and lots of nature?