Donut wall & cake as a new wedding trend – DIY instructions & ideas

Idea for weddings and parties with donuts instead of cake

New trends for weddings and other party occasions are constantly emerging. The desserts and cakes are no exception. It has been fashionable for some time now to use cupcakes instead of the classic wedding or birthday cake or to choose the cake with a watercolor effect, marble effect or “naked”. Today we would like to introduce you to the latest trend in desserts and cakes and that is the so-called donut wall. In addition to this imaginative idea, which is also a great decoration, the popular donuts are now also used instead of the classic wedding cake or at least serve as a decoration on the cake. Today we not only want to introduce you to both variants, but also show you how you can easily make a donut wall yourself.

The donut wall for different occasions

Dessert table with donuts of different colors

Whether you need the donut wall for a wedding or for a birthday, a baby shower or the bridal shower does not matter at all. A donut wall stand is suitable for a wide variety of occasions. And when you consider how easy it is to make, it quickly becomes the perfect accessory. You can place the donut wall behind the dessert table for a wedding or party and serve more donuts on the table itself or choose a completely different location. If, for example, you have an area left over in the room design that you cannot assign a function to or for which you still have to come up with some decoration, the Donut Wall is perfect.

Donut Wall with different types of glazes

The wall can be designed in a wide variety of colors and matched to the rest of your party decorations. The same applies, of course, to the donuts themselves, for which there are a wide variety of design options thanks to glazes, fondant and sprinkles. If it is a baby shower for a boy, choose blue and white as the glaze for the wall and donuts, if your wedding is mainly designed in yellow, then create such color accents on the wall and it should be a motley party without a specific occasion, then you can also do this with the help of the desserts and standing wall.

Build donut wall

Make your own donut wall from a wooden panel

As you can see, the donut wall can be used and designed in a variety of ways and to provide you with a basis with which you can then continue individually, the simple instructions that show how you can make a donut wall yourself are now included. On the one hand, you need a wooden board. This can be made of solid wood, which of course also makes it heavier. But a sheet of plywood is also suitable. In principle, the choice of material depends on whether you also want to paint the plate. Colors stick to plywood with decorative foil only with difficulty or not at all. You can of course also choose the size of the plate yourself. That depends, among other things, on how many guests you are expecting. But since you cannot set up a huge donut wall with a very large number of guests, you can also build a smaller one and simply provide for replenishment at regular intervals as soon as the donut wall is empty. The wooden panel should also fit into the room without any problems and should not be a nuisance. It serves only as a decoration and as a replacement or addition to the dessert table and not as a main decoration. Just take a look at what sizes are available in the hardware store and try to estimate what fits you best. As already said, you can always add new donuts if necessary.

Donut wall build from wood with instructions

You also need wooden sticks. Wooden dowels are also suitable and, unlike long sticks, do not have to be sawn separately. Also, have a hot glue gun or glue ready and you can start building a wooden donut wall.

  1. First, clean the plate to remove dust or other dirt. This is necessary so that the glue can adhere well.
  2. Now decide at what intervals the donuts should be hung. Measure the distances on the plate and mark them with a pencil.
  3. Then saw the wooden sticks to the desired length. This depends on how many donuts you want to hang on a stick. You can get the required number by counting your markings.
  4. If you would like to paint the donut wall with a certain color, now is the right time to do so. The wooden rods or dowels can now also be painted. Then let them dry well. This can take a whole day or more.
  5. Now take your hot glue gun and use it to glue the wooden dowels onto the markings. Again, let everything dry. This is done very quickly with hot glue, while wood glue takes a little more time. And you’re done with that.

Buy perforated plate as an alternative instead of donut wall

Vintage donut wall with paper coasters lace

The project is at least as easy if you use a perforated plate. You can then insert the dowels into the existing holes and fix them with a little glue if you like. A practical advantage is that you can experiment with a perforated plate first before deciding on a sample, as the dowels can be easily removed again. You can also use the remaining holes to add other decorations. So you can insert flowers or fix photos and make a very individual and unique donut wall. And of course, donut wall doesn’t mean that only donuts are allowed. You are welcome to combine them with other delicacies and put together an interesting selection for every taste. Come up with something interesting! Of course, the perforated plate can also be painted as desired and tailored to your needs.

Donut wall DIY – design patterns and motifs with donuts

Donut Wall Idea made of glass on a stand

You can create any pattern you want with the donuts. While the walls are usually completely covered with donuts, other arrangements can also be put together. For example, arrange the wooden sticks in the shape of a heart, create wavy lines or a star shape! The possibilities are numerous and can be adapted to the respective occasion. The donut wall also looks beautiful if you only attach the desserts to one half of the plate and decorate the other half with photos, for example.

Donut wall in a heart shape and in pink

A donut wall, which in itself has an original shape, also looks a little more complicated, but just as interesting. This means that the plate is cut to size and not just the donuts are placed in a certain shape. You can see a nice example of this in the picture above. You can have the panel cut to a more compact size at the hardware store and then just use a saw to shape it at home. Maybe you know someone with the right tool.

Donut cake or tart

Wedding cake design ideas

And while we’re on the topic of donuts, we would like to introduce you to another trend that is currently dominating many weddings and that is the donut cake for weddings. Yes you’ve read correctly. The cake can also be equipped with a donut decoration. There are three different variants: First there is the classic cake, which is decorated here and there with a few donuts and then there is also the variant for particularly large donut lovers, where the cake is simply replaced by donuts will. So that this looks elegant to match the wedding, a beautiful dessert stand is used to set it up and the shape of a wedding cake is imitated. The third option is to choose the classic wedding cake and also to offer donuts separately.

Donut decoration as a trend for weddings and parties

The donuts can be combined with a simple cake as well as with a more elaborate one. So if you value a nicely designed cake, you can also decorate it with donuts. In this case, it is advisable to choose the latter a bit simpler, so that on the one hand the cake can be shown to its best advantage and on the other hand there is no chaotic look on the dessert table.

happy party cake with icing, donuts and colorful sprinkles

As you can probably already imagine, this idea, like the donut wall, is of course not only suitable for weddings, but also for any other occasion. Even at a children’s party, you can make your guests happy with it. And thanks to colorful food colors, you can also pick up the party theme and transfer it to the donuts. For a more elegant and formal occasion, the donuts can loosen up the mood a little. What kind of cake should it be? You are spoiled for choice. You can find some inspiration below.

Cake plate with cake from two levels and with donuts

Mini cakes and donuts combine with vintage flair

original donut cake in cone shape and pink with flowers

Chocolate donut cake with sparkler for birthday

Party theme in black and yellow with glazed donuts

nicely designed desserts for different occasions

Bake donuts for Christmas instead of cookies and cakes

Donut pyramid on a dessert stand

use large donuts instead of a cake

Decorate naked wedding cake with donuts