Design your own guest book for a wedding – 51 creative craft ideas

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When organizing a wedding, the preparation of the celebration usually plays the main role in the thoughts of the bride and groom. But every organizer knows that the beautiful memory can not only be based on photos. A lovingly designed guest book for weddings with nice messages, advice and lots of humorous remarks will bring the bride and groom a lot of joy later. And the creation of a guest book is usually not associated with any costs – with a little imagination everyone can design their own album.

Design your own guest book for wedding – create a stylish design

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Our tip – so that the guest book attracts the attention of your friends, you can arrange it on a small table next to the entrance together with flowers and biscuits. Also leave several pencils and white pieces of paper to take with you – then the guests can write their congratulations on them during the celebration. Above you can see an idea with fingerprints.

Guest book for wedding – guests names as balloons

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Wedding ideas – decorate the guest book

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Paint the guest book yourself

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Guest book with photos of the newlyweds

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Here’s another cool idea – organize a photo shoot for the engagement and create an album from the photos – with free space, of course, for guests to write their congratulations. Super simple but at the same time very cute idea. A nice reminder that you will later show your children with pride. Our tip – buy pencils in different colors – this is how the family album will be designed in color!

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The guest book pictured above was made from a photo album. Instead of photos, small envelopes with white slips of paper were arranged inside so that the guests could write their congratulations on them. These are opened and read after 5 years. A very nice idea that can be realized in no time!

Plan a wedding outdoors – arrange the greeting cards on a table

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Pure romance with a nicely arranged table with a guest book and flowers


Arrange the guest book in the middle of the table, scatter pink flowers and artificial pearls


Instead of a guest book, arrange a tree with congratulations cards

Guest book for wedding congratulations tree ideas handicrafts

Instead of a guest book for a wedding, a wishing well

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Idea for vintage scrapbook


Jam jars collect the hearts cut out of cork, on which the guests write their congratulations

Guest book wedding jam jar craft ideas

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Guest book-wedding-puzzle-ideas-flower arrangements-modern

Guest book-wedding-romantic-handicraft-ideas-congratulations

Guest book-wedding-hearts-motifs-romantic-tinker




Guest book-wedding-fingerprints-purple-stone

Guest book-wedding-photo album-leather-ideas





Guest book wedding vintage suitcase wish card ideas


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Guest book-wedding-message-wine bottle-black-chalkboard

Guest book-wedding-craft ideas-congratulations

Guest book-wedding-message-bottle-maritime

Guest Book Wedding Hearts Lettering Ideas




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Guest book for wedding origami-birds-fold it yourself


Guest Book Wedding Stones Lettering Ideas

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