Design the wedding cake as a heart for pure romance – 20 ideas

wedding cake as a heart laughing color-coral-rose-decoration

What better symbolizes love than the heart? For this reason, it is often chosen for the design of wedding decorations, but also for the wedding cake. Not only a single heart is possible, but also a double heart, which symbolizes the loving bride and groom. It can for that Wedding cake as a heart but also arrangements can be made from several hearts in any size. Here, a tier cake can be created with the individual hearts or an attractive cake stand can be used, with which you get different levels, but also individual cakes.

Wedding cake as a heart with lilies

wedding cake as a heart subtle-color-lily-blossom-white-asymmetrical

In this article we would like to introduce you to various ideas for the wedding cake as a heart. With the help of various decorations, such as flowers, pearls or other motifs and a variety of color variations, you can determine the best model for yourself. Be inspired by our gallery and find the perfect dessert for your big day!

Flowers for the wedding cake as a heart

wedding-cake-heart-blossoms-sugar-white-design-bridal bouquet-3-tier

As already mentioned, the wedding cake can also be decorated as a heart. This “waterfall” made of flowers, which was designed in white, looks particularly pretty. Subtle and simple cakes look particularly elegant and classic.

Rustic design

wedding cake-heart-chocolate-flakes-bark-optics-rustic-purple-ribbons-3-tier

With the help of chocolate flakes, this rustic wedding cake was designed as a heart. The result is the effect of bark, which looks extremely original. The individual “sticks” are apparently held together by pretty ribbons in purple color, which give the cake the necessary elegance.

Decorate with ribbons

wedding cake as a heart tier-shape-ribbon-jewelry-pink

In general, shiny ribbons are a wonderful way to decorate the wedding cake as a heart. The colors can be chosen individually and to match the wedding theme. In the case of a cake made up of several levels, repeat the ribbons on each level or combine different colors.

Lilies and roses 


This elegant wedding cake as a heart is by and large kept very simple, but still has pretty flower arrangements here and there in the form of lilies and roses in white color. So that the cake doesn’t look too plain and monotonous, dark stripes have been added.

Lots of hearts


This wedding cake also radiates a lot of love as a heart. Red roses, hearts and ribbons, which were used as an accent on the white cake, are used for this purpose. Such a cake is especially suitable for a wedding on Valentine’s Day. It couldn’t be more heartfelt!

Red and white design


The colors on this cake are the same. However, something has been decorated more simply. The red ribbons are narrower and have been combined with attractive roses. If you place the wedding cake as a heart and with roses on the dessert table, you can decorate it with flower petals. A fruity taste of strawberries is perfect for this!

Vintage flair


The wedding cake as a heart can also be used wonderfully as a base for vintage decorations. Ornate ornaments, roses and ruffles are a perfect choice for this. Another variation is to use lace. Use real fabric for this or have the tip drawn on the cake.

Black and white cake


The hearts cannot be represented only by the shape of the cake. Smaller decorations or figures on the cake itself can also be added to reinforce the romantic atmosphere. Here you can see a modern wedding cake as a heart in black and white. The hearts are also modern.

Pink accents


Lilies are popular flowers for the wedding. Choose the delicate flower as a decoration for the wedding cake as a heart. With this model, the simple design is immediately noticeable, in which the flowers, but also any other decorations, can come into their own.

A sea of ​​flowers


However, if you value a lot of decorations, you can of course also choose such a design for the wedding cake as a heart. Delicate pastel tones radiate romance and make roses and other flowers look very authentic. Again, you can spread flower petals to add to the romantic atmosphere.

Elegance in white and silver


The wedding ring as a symbol is a great idea for a motif for a wedding. Especially when you have chosen a glamorous theme in white and silver for the wedding, you can use the silver ring to design the wedding cake as a heart. Glitter and tiny silver hearts can complement the rings. The whole thing can of course also be designed in gold.

Original cake stand


If you do not want a typical floor design for the wedding cake as a heart, there are also other variants that you can consider. A cake stand like this one makes a wonderful impression. You can display several small cakes on it and the heart shape comes into its own. You are also welcome to display cakes with different decorations in this way.

Moved hearts


Another variant for the wedding cake as a heart is to have the individual floors attached in a staggered manner. This looks a bit more modern and can also be chosen for any other cake shape. The free areas can be decorated as you like: with additional hearts, flowers or funny cake figures.

Wedding cake as a heart and cupcakes


Cupcakes are a popular alternative to the classic wedding cake. If you want to choose these lovely mini cakes for your wedding, that doesn’t have to mean that you have to do without the cake. Have a smaller wedding cake made as a heart, which you can then cut together with the groom. In addition, choose cupcakes with the same color theme.

Funny cake figures


Many believe that the cake figure should not be missing on the wedding cake. However, so that there is no overcrowded look and the figures can get the attention they deserve, the remaining ornaments and decorations should be saved. This wedding cake as a heart has some roses and decorations that imitate pearls for this purpose.

A mix of flowers

wedding cake-heart-roses-bordeaux-white-romance-dessert

Put some darker accents in the form of flowers or other decorations on a light cake. With this model for a wedding cake as a heart, in addition to roses, there are also other, smaller flower shapes in bordeaux and cream that emphasize one side of the heart. The cake plate was also nicely decorated.

Double heart


We have already mentioned the double heart as a variant. It symbolizes the groom and the bride and their mutual love for each other, in which both hearts merge into one another. Use one half for decorations and the other half for a message or come up with other ideas. There is undoubtedly enough space for this wedding cake as a heart.

Intertwined hearts – bride and groom


This variant for a double heart is also very funny and original. Instead of typical decorations, a wedding dress and a suit were chosen that represent the young bride and groom. As you can see, there are no limits to the design of the wedding cake as a heart. If you have any ideas of your own, discuss them with your pastry chef to find the perfect design for your big day.