Choosing the right headdress for your wedding dress – 20 bridal hats

Wedding party hat beige hand knitted ideas pictures

The wedding day is approaching and you can’t wait! The dress and shoes have already been chosen, the party – planned. But only one detail is still missing – the right one Headdress for the wedding dress. Of course you can opt for a veil, but if you want something special, why not try a bridal hat? Yes, you read it right – the hat that usually adorns the heads of guests became an accessory to the wedding dress in 2014.

Choose a headdress for your wedding dress – a hat instead of a veil

Idea emphasizes face updo off shoulder dress

The hat as Headdress for the wedding dress has many advantages over the traditional veil – it can spice up a simple model and accentuate the woman’s face. And best of all – thanks to the latest hairsprays, you don’t have to worry about your wedding hairstyle – it is guaranteed to fit without the hat. So don’t wait – try the trendy styling!

Of course, in the shop at the latest, the question arises as to which hat goes best with your wedding dress. The answer is very simple – if the dress is richly decorated / for example the top decorated with rhinestones or lace on the sleeves / then the experts recommend choosing a simpler hat. And the opposite – the simpler the dress, the more original the headdress can be. We have summarized several examples of styling for you below – choose the one that best suits your personality!

Romantic headdress for the wedding dress – hat in the form of a flower

Wedding dress long hair hairstyle lace long sleeves

A charming hat in the shape of a flower will spice up the vintage lace wedding dress.

Wedding flower hat made of fabric pink color

The short white satin dress combined with a black hat looks extravagant and playful.

Hat off shoulder white color satin fabric feather satin ribbon

The green hat brings out the beautiful beige color of the wedding dress better.

Lace beige dress bow bracelet sleeve details beautiful

The hat and updo accentuate the dress with floral patterns

Wedding dress with a difference flower pattern hat headdress bride

English style romance – wide hat

beige hat green dress decolette necklace gold

Wedding dress and hat in vintage style

Hat beige lace details vintage look dress

Wedding beautiful headdress long hair casual hairstyle straight

Updos blue hat lace bow

Loop romantic hairstyles medium length hair curls

nice idea long hair waves hairstyle beige wedding dress

richly ornamented wedding anniversary celebrate dress décolleté

Wedding dress sleeves made of lace dress haute couture

Hat bow romantic wedding dress make up eyes

Hat white bow wedding dress bouquet roses

playful hat wedding dress vintage retro styling

Flower hat decorated headdress detals

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