Choosing a wedding cake differently – ideas & designs that offer an insight into the interior

A different kind of wedding cake with roses in white and pink inside

Not everyone wants a classic wedding. Instead, many bridal couples are looking for interesting and unusual ideas that will make their wedding celebration unique and unforgettable for the guests. The wedding becomes original not only with the help of themes for the decoration, but also thanks to wedding dresses in unusual colors and of course with special wedding cakes. And if you too would like to design the wedding cake differently, then the ideas that we have put together for you today may be just right for you. These are interesting motif cakes that give an insight into what appears to be inside, except that layers of cake base and cream do not come to light as expected, but rather funny or romantic flower decorations or motifs that are typical for men. There are three variants of this motif cake for a wedding with a surprise effect and we would like to introduce these to you today.

Wedding cake with a difference – cut, half designs

Create a different romantic wedding cake with a split design

If you would like to design the wedding cake differently, you can see a nice variant here. Such a model is a really romantic wedding cake with flowers that combines classic elements with an original design. As you have already seen in the picture above, the entire motif cake for the wedding is halved before the design. Then the interior is decorated with pretty flowers. Both artificial flowers made of fabric or plastic and edible flowers made of sugar can be used for this. If you want, you can also use real flowers to decorate the motif cake with flowers. Make sure, however, that these are not poisonous specimens.

Combine traditional wedding cake with innovative ideas

The two halves of the motif cake for the wedding do not necessarily have to be completely separated from each other. It is also sufficient if it is only cut open in the front area and then decorated with the wedding cake decoration. A slit in the cake is also sufficient to design. It’s no less pretty. If you would like to use a wedding cake in a different way, the two cake figures can each be placed on one of the two halves and hold a rope together. Then it seems like the cake is falling apart and the newlyweds are trying to hold it together with the rope.

A different kind of split wedding cake with lots of edible flowers made of sugar

Interesting: A split wedding cake is also often used to celebrate a divorce. Here, however, the two halves are decorated with matching cake figures. Accordingly, they do not look a little in love and happy, but turn their backs on each other or even aim their guns at each other. A really humorous way to end an awkward divorce.

Combine two designs for the motif cake for the wedding

funny motif cake for the wedding with superheroes under white fondant

This variant is no less interesting, in which classic and original motifs are again combined with one another. The great thing about such a model is that the groom is finally included and a funny motif cake for men is created. It is about showing a typical hobby or preferences of the groom with the cake and in this way to design the wedding cake differently. Such motifs can be superheroes (if your future man is into superheroes), car brands, soccer clubs and the like. The other part, which also takes up a slightly larger area, has the look of a traditional wedding cake in white and is made from fondant. This part makes it appear as if it is a question of a cloth that has been placed over the cake and pulled up to give a glimpse inside.

Red roses separate fondant and chocolate

Even if you want to design the wedding cake differently, it can of course be that the idea of ​​superheroes and Co. as a wedding cake decoration is not the right one for you and you find it rather childish. Then you can still use this motif cake and simply design a darker side instead of the typical men’s motifs. For this purpose, it should best be a chocolate cake. There are also various possibilities for an interesting wedding cake with decoration. Use flowers or fruits and come up with your own personal design, after which you can order the motif cake.

A different kind of wedding cake with a subtle look inside

Lego in bright colors come to the fore with this motif cake for the wedding

A wedding cake with fondant can also be designed in this original way. Again, the viewer is allowed a little glimpse into what appears to be inside, only that the way is different here too. The fondant is cut in several places or a design is created that gives the impression that the fondant has rolled up by itself. Even small figures as additional cake decorations can seemingly roll up the cover of the motif cake for the wedding.

Celebrate romantic wedding with fairies as a theme and use a colorful cake

We particularly like the wedding cake in white with a colorful interior. It looks romantic and cheerful at the same time and, thanks to additional decoration, is perfect for a fairy tale or fairy wedding. Take a look at the following wedding cake pictures to collect some more inspiration on how to decorate the wedding cake. You will see that you do not necessarily have to do without a traditional wedding cake with roses or other flowers if you choose and design the wedding cake differently.

elegant and funny with ninja turtles and golden ornaments and decorations

Make half cakes for the wedding with lots of flowers

Halved motif cakes are a great idea for the wedding celebration

A different kind of wedding cake offers an insight into the inside of the cake

A wedding cake with flowers and a split design looks very romantic

A different kind of wedding cake divided into two halves with a marine motif and bride

A different kind of wedding cake with a creepy effect - Walking Dead as the motto

Idea for a wedding cake with Harry Potter and a traditional design

Lavishly designed wedding cake with golden decoration in the form of hearts

Idea for a cake that imitates a mountain and lace and cake figures as decoration

Inspiration for designing a chocolate cake with white fondant and strawberries

Inspiration for a fairy or forest wedding with a tree as a motif

Crystal cake with amethyst made of sugar for the wedding

Use LED lights for the cake decorations and penguins

original motif cake for men for wedding with Harry Potter design and darts

Sliced ​​wedding cake with floral decoration and a beautiful cake plate

Chocolate sauce and white fondant with a gloss decorate the wedding cake in a different way

Nice combination of champagne color and brown with subtle decorations

beautiful wedding cake in champagne with white lace and superhero for man

Suggestion for the groom who is a musician - The cake imitates a suitcase and a guitar

Suggestions and pictures for unusual cakes for the wedding celebration

Bride and groom pose with Batman with the wedding cake

Including men's hoby in the cake - wedding cake with a sports theme

Decoration idea for wedding cakes with chocolate strawberries

Half cake and fondant design with beautiful decorations

Celebrate Disney weddings in a different way with Mickey Mouse and a wedding cake

A bride and groom cut the split wedding cake with flowers

Choosing a chocolate cake for the wedding and decorating it with fondant and orchids